17 Essential Teaching Blogs (A Complete Guide for 2024)

Education and Teaching blogs are the best way for educators around the world to keep up with new pedagogy and seek answers to their teaching woes.

I’ve been reading them for years and have benefited from the articles I’ve read hugely.

They were part of the reason I started this website. I wanted to share some of the other teaching blogs that I’ve found useful. I’m sure you’ll find them useful too.

Best Teaching Blogs

Wagoll Teaching

The WAGOLL Teaching blog is all about sharing great, simple teaching ideas with a global teaching community.

The site and various social media channels (and a brilliant Youtube channel) are run by a friend of mine, Ben Cooper. He is a British teacher working in Dubai and is super passionate about helping teachers across the world improve their teaching skills.

Ben says about his site:

As a teaching group, we need to stick together, support each other and develop positive approaches to classroom innovation. Development is all about trying something new, taking risks, and sharing great ideas! You may even have some fun along the way!

About WAGOLL Teaching

Nexus Education

Nexus Education is “A community enterprise created for sharing ideas“. They blog about “best practices and researching the very best products and services all with the aim of improving students’ (and teachers’) school lives“.

Their aim is “to give teachers a platform, through video blogs and school stories, enabling a community eager to help and inform each other to shape UK education for the better“.

Whilst they are UK based, a lot of their articles are globally transferable. I think they are brilliant at what they do.

They also host the Nexus education blog awards, which is a great idea!


Oliver Caviglioli is an ex-special school headteacher, author of several books (including the brilliant “Dual Coding with Teachers”) and a brilliant graphic designer and illustrator.

Most of his website focuses on how teachers can produce super clear visuals that incorporate Dual Coding Theory.

His blog is actually only a small part of his website but I have included it because of the amazing posters and visual summaries of teaching techniques he has available for FREE on his site.

Mr P’s ICT Blog – Teaching to Raise Standards

Lee Parkinson owns and runs Mr P’s ICT blog, but don’t think for a minute the site (and his huge social media presence) is just dedicated to ICT.

Across all platforms, his posts get to the nitty-gritty of life as a teacher. He deals with issues affecting teachers in a constructive and often humorous way.

He also offers CPD support for schools both as a speaker and online. It’s a great website run by a splendid chap.


Run by Ross McGill, TeacherToolkit is a powerhouse of a website. It started on Twitter but the website now has articles on pretty much everything education-related, from learning theories and planning lessons to teacher training tips. They have a Podcast, job board, resources and offer training. It is a one-stop-shop for all your teaching needs.

Cult of Pedagogy

Jennifer Gonzalez has a beautiful blog and podcast at Cult of Pedagogy.

Her articles are super helpful and informative. I love her writing style, it’s laid back and friendly. It’s like you’re chatting to a friend when reading her posts.

Jennifer also has books and courses for sale on her site too. She is also super active on Twitter and Pinterest.

If there was such a thing as a blog-crush….I totally have it for Cult of Pedagogy.

Teachers on Fire

Teachers on Fire is fantastic, it’s both a blog and a podcast. It is run by the awesome Canadian, Tim Cavey.

The blog posts are relevant and useful for all teachers and the podcast is great too.

He interviews so many really great teachers from around the globe who are “crushing it in the classroom”.

He brings you their stories, passions, habits, and expertise. The show is super helpful and entertaining, it’s great for the commute to work!


I first discovered Teacherhead after Tom Sherrington (the guy who runs it) came to my school to deliver some whole school training. I was struck by his passion and authority on the subject.

His articles are always evidence-based and he has done a lot of work on Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction, culminating in the brilliant book “Rosenshine’s Principles in Action“.

Since then I have been an avid follower of his blog and his presence on Twitter. His articles are always at the cutting edge of what is going on in education right now.

Very professional posts that always focus on helping teachers work efficiently to help students get the best experience from school.

He also has a great Youtube Channel (Tom Sherrington on YouTube).

The Secret Teacher

Part of the Guardian newspaper website, the secret teacher is a series of blog posts written by anonymous writers.

It lifts the lid on the trials, tribulations and frustrations of what is happening in schools right now.

The articles are always excellent and always very helpful. Well worth a read.

The Learning Spy

David Didau is the Learning Spy. Starting in 2011, frustrated by the state of education in the UK he decided to blog about it.

Since then The Learning Spy has developed into one of the most influential education blogs in the UK.

He posts very regularly and the articles are always worth an investment of your time.


The TeacherCast website is another one-stop-shop that delivers excellent blog posts, podcast episodes and workshops and training.

Jeff Bradbury has built a great place for teachers from anywhere on the planet to go and find solutions for their teacher needs.


Finally, we get to Edutopia. Founded way back in 1991 by filmmaker George Lucas, the George Lucas Educational Foundation has been striving to show best practice in the classroom for over a quarter of a century.

Edutopia is a website that has a huge range of articles and videos on all aspects of education. If you can’t find the answer you need there, I’d be surprised!

Its content is based mainly in the US but the advice given is transferable the world over.

The Helpful Professor

The Helpful Professor blog introduces issues in education to new teachers and college students studying to be educators.

The articles cut through the nonsense and provide answers to your burning questions. It presents hard-to-understand concepts like ‘place-based learning’, ‘metacognitive strategies’, and ‘situated learning’ in simple, no-nonsense language.

The blog’s author, Chris Drew, is a professor in early childhood education. He started the blog to provide easy to understand explanations for his college students.

Stories from the Middle

This one was introduced to me by Sarah Gorman, a Literacy and Humanities teacher at Great Oak Academy, Harrisonburg City, Virginia.

Arthur Morgan School’s Stories from the Middle helps teachers bring fresh ideas to the middle school classroom. Content on the blog includes such topics as ideas for student leadership to outdoor experiential education.

Sarah says “I frequently borrow from their posts about interdisciplinary courses that tie in social, political and
environmental topics. Stories from the Middle is concise, relevant, and exactly what every teacher needs in their inbox


Elizabeth Keshishyan, from Swift Polling, a widely used edtech polling app suggested eCampusNews to me.

It is an amazing education blog. The blog talks about education management, student empowerment, teaching strategies, and overall trends that happen to change education.

The articles are a quick and easy read, written by professionals in the educational field. Elizabeth loves the fact that she can subscribe to their e-newsletter and get periodic updates about top news and innovations in education.

Another blogger friend of mine, Brandon Foster from myschoolsupplylists.com suggested the following two teaching blogs.


Brandon says: “Homeroom is my top recommendation for an educational blog because of its authentic as well as valuable content.

It is the official blog of the US department of education, which addresses all operations of education and entities involved in it. Whether you are a student, teacher, or parent, you will find the content of your interest in this blog.

Cycles of Learning

Cycles of Learning blog is perfect for educators who want to learn exciting ways of incorporating technology within the classroom.

Most of the time, STEM educators face difficulty in teaching students modern concepts. Now, with the help of technology aid, you can easily demonstrate complex concepts.

This blog is thriving to help foster learning environments in educational institutes by integrating technology into the system.

It is suitable for readers as well as for persons who like to learn through video tutorials. Ramsey Musallam generates both types of content to educate visitors of his blog effectively.

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