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College degree

Benefits of Earning a College Degree
Explore the personal, financial and long-term future benefits of earning a college degree.

Community college students

Community Colleges vs. Universities
Community colleges are quickly becoming the institutions of choice for many career minded students.

University hall

The Value of a College Degree
Explore the economic and social value of earning a college degree and getting a higher education.

College lecture hall

Factors to Consider When Choosing a College or University
Not all colleges are the same. Explore the factors you should consider when choosing a college such as accreditation, cost, location and type of school.
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Higher education, also known as tertiary education, and often referred to as post-secondary education, occurs primarily at four-year colleges and universities. However, higher education also includes various other post-secondary institutions, such as community colleges, career colleges, vocational schools and institutes of technology. Higher education institutions award degrees and professional certifications.

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