The 17 Best Education Podcasts for Teachers 2024

In this post, I’m going to introduce you to the best podcasts for teachers out there at the moment.

Education podcasts have several benefits:

  • Fit easily into your busy life.
  • Allow you to pick the professional development that you need.
  • It’s there when you need it.
  • Covers the most current teaching strategies.

I’ve picked podcasts from both sides of the Atlantic but they are relevant and helpful for any teacher, wherever you are.

Let’s dive in

Best Education Podcasts for Teachers

#1 Teachers on Fire with Tim Cavey

Tim Cavey is an 8th-grade teacher from Canada as well as the creator and host of the “Teachers on Fire” podcast.

Tim releases a new episode every week, where he chats with an educator about their experiences (both good and bad) and their influences and passions.

Tim’s vision is clear, he aims to contribute to the important conversations in and around education that he feels are required to inspire innovative practices by educators around the globe.

I even appeared on episode 52, I can’t listen to it as the sound of my voice makes me want to crawl into a cave and never speak again!

#2 Teachertoolkit

From the most influential education blog in the UK, Ross Morrison McGill brings us the teachertoolkit podcast.

Ross and his team publish a new episode weekly (usually) on a wide array of educational topics. Each podcast is around 10 minutes long, so perfect to squeeze in during break time.

The variety of subjects covered is vast, from straight-up pedagogy to wellbeing with some very interesting conversations thrown in for good measure.

I found episode 60, “How Can Teachers and Researchers Work Together?” very interesting.

I’ve been listening for a while and it’s one of the podcasts I look forward to most.

#3 The Teaching Space

Another of my favorites; “The Teaching Space” is brought to us by Martine Ellis. This weekly podcast is another short, snappy 10 minute-ish blast of education gold.

Whilst her episodes cover a wide range of subjects, Martine is very conscious of allowing teachers to maintain a strong work-life balance and thus, keeps the episodes succinct. Her friendly tone really makes you feel as you are with one of your favorite teacher friends.

The episode from Sept 12th 2019 “The Power of Sticky Notes” is one of my favorites.

One to definitely subscribe to.

#4 The Shake Up Learning Show

Another podcast from the US, “The Shakeup Learning Show“, hosted by Kasey Bell guides teachers with tech tips, classroom management and lesson strategies along with some great interviews with other brilliant educators.

New episodes are released every Tuesday. I particularly enjoyed Episode 30 “9 Ways to Improve Student Writing with Google Docs”.

#5 Mr Barton Math Podcast

Firstly, don’t be put off by the fact it’s titled as a podcast about math, Mr Barton Maths Podcast is for ALL teachers.

Whether you are just starting out on your education career or you’ve already earned your battle scars, this is a podcast you shouldn’t miss.

With each episode clocking in at around an hour, there’s a huge amount you can get from them. Craig Barton interviews some wonderful and inspiring educators, with such guests as Mark McCourt, author of “Teaching for Mastery“, Rosenshine guru Tom Sherrington, Author of “Rosenshine’s Principles in Action” and “Teach Like a Champion” legend Doug Lemov.

There is so much you can learn from Craig’s podcast, it should be on your playlist, do not miss it!

#6 The TeacherCast Podcast

Another heavyweight of education blogging, Jeff Bradbury from brings us The TeacherCast Podcast.

Jeff has been doing this podcast since 2011 so there’s a huge back catalogue to choose from. He interviews some of the best educators and educational technology companies, addressing the questions that teachers of any level want answers to.

I found the episode titled “Helping Students Solve Real World Problems: Featuring Travis Allen” incredibly interesting.

#7 The TES Podcast Including TES Podagogy

In the UK, the TES website is one of the first places teachers go to for education news, advice and teaching jobs. It makes sense then that they have a podcast. In fact, they have two!

#7.1 TES The Education Podcast

The Education Podcast covers well, educational news, from teacher pay, education policy changes to teacher wellbeing and everything in between.

#7.2 TES Podagogy

As the name cleverly suggests, TES Podagogy delves in the learning theories and education research. With interviews from some of the most influential teachers and authors out there.

Whether you want to learn about cognitive load theory or effective revision/study techniques, this is the podcast for you.

A good starting place would be “No School is Immune from Gender Stereotypes“.

#8 The Learning Scientists

No, this is not about science but the science of learning (as the name would suggest). With evidence based practice in education becoming more mainstream (thankfully), the learning scientists podcast is a brilliant place to find out more from teachers at the cutting edge.

This is one of the most useful podcasts on this list, it covers so much that I’d bet my socks that you would be able to find an episode that will improve your teaching practice.

As a fan of Dual Coding Theory, I found this episode really good: Episode 12 – Dual Coding

#9 Naylor’s Natter

On Phil Naylor’s podcast; Naylor’s Natter he chats with teachers, school leaders and education experts about the latest developments in teaching and learning, professional development and research.

Weekly podcast episodes are released every Friday and are always brilliant. I usually listen to them on my Monday morning commute, I try and use something from the podcast during the week to improve my teaching practice.

A great episode to start with would be “Responsive Teaching with Jonathan Clucas

#10 The Google Teacher Tribe Podcast

Hosted by Kasey Bell (from the Shake Up Learning Show) and Matt Miller (from, The Google Teacher Tribe Podcast is brilliant if you use any of the Google suite of tools (seriously, who doesn’t?).

It is full of tips, tricks, hacks and walk-throughs enabling you to make the most of any of the Google Suite of Tools, from Google Docs to Hangouts and the brilliant Google Classroom.

If you were wondering how Google tools could help you (and they will help you, trust me) this is the podcast to listen to.

Episode 93 “Using Google Tools for PD and Training” was very helpful, I’ve used some of these tips myself since listening to it (especially the shared Google Docs idea).

#11 Truth for Teachers Podcast

Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers Podcast is a podcast where the teacher
is placed at the center of the show.

Each week Angela, who is obviously an experienced teacher, gives insight on how teachers can streamline their work and live better lives.

Angela also gives great advice on being proactive in the classroom. Angela has been podcasting for six years, so her catalogue is vast and she has covered diverse topics pertaining to education.

Angela is a beacon of support for teachers. She talks openly about the struggles teachers face and how to overcome suffering in silence and being a victim to the job. She provides genuine value to teachers.

You can submit your question to her and get answers in the coming episodes.

#12 TEDTalks Education

If you haven’t heard of TEDTalks, you must have been living in a cave, it’s like Youtube’s more intelligent sibling.

As a part of the TedTalks organization, TedTalks Education follows the theme of hosting talks from some of the brightest people in education from around the world.

Luckily for us, they are now available in podcast format! Some are just audio, others are video, but all are brilliant (as you would expect from TED).

I can’t pick a favorite as they are all great, I urge you to get lost in the rabbit hole that is TED-Ed!

#13 The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast (Jennifer Gonzalez)

The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast has a huge diversity of topics.

The podcast offers a variety of topics from building relationships with students to building relationships with all members of the school staff (school cafeteria and office staff too).

Jennifer Gonzalez not only offers super hands-on, practical tips for teachers, but she also has a calm soulfulness about her.

You can feel her connection to students and to teaching and learning through the way she shares her ideas.

I love that she is willing to share all of her experiences as a teacher – not just the ideal ones.

Check out episode 135: The Day I Made a Fart Sound during a Test.

Oh, and I have a bit of a crush on Jennifer and everything she does!

#14 The 10 Minute Teacher with Vicki Davis

Hosted by @coolcatteacher, Vicki Davis, The 10 Minute Teacher Podcast is a revelation. With somewhere in the region of a thousand (depending on when you are reading this) 10 minute episodes, there is something for everyone.

Episodes are punchy little numbers that get to the heart of the topic with no waffle.

New episodes are released five days a week (Monday to Friday) with themes such as Motivation Monday, EdTech Tool Tuesday and 5-Idea Friday (how awesome is that!).

Recent episodes I found useful include: 5 Ways to Empower Girls, 5 Ways to Survive (and Thrive) at Teaching and Smart Risk Taking in Education.

With so many episodes, there’s lots to catch up on, I try and listen to three per day (usually when I visit the bathroom (not that you needed to know that!)).

#15 Better Leaders Better Schools

Daniel Bauer hosts the amazing Better Leaders, Better Schools podcast that includes the latest in leadership and thought work for school leaders.

He refers to his tribe as ruckus makers and believes that improving the leader improves the school.

His superpower is networking and building connections throughout education.

His show includes an interview with a variety of educational leaders principals, and consultants and has a warm, inviting vibe.

#16 Empowered Principal Podcast

The Empowered Principal Podcast is designed to help school leaders navigate the emotional and mental demands they face in leading a school.

It’s not just great for leaders. I’m not a school leader but I have found some really great advice here too.

Angela Kelly Robeck is an author and certified life coach for school leaders.

Angela’s podcast helps school leaders navigate the mental and emotional demands of a career in education. A former teacher and administrator, Angela understands the toll of school leadership and empowers leaders through the use of effective mindset tools.

Angela is unique in that she is a certified life coach for school leaders. She takes personal development tools and recreates them as professional development tools for school leaders.

#17 Teacher Ces Podcast

Teacher Ces Podcast (Cecily White-Cooper) gives educators perspective on how to not only manage a classroom but manage their finances as well.

We all know that teachers are undervalued and underpaid, right? Teacher Ces shows us how to think smarter instead of harder.

Each week Teacher Ces offers perspective on how teachers can prosper financially while still making a living as a teacher.


Well, there you have it. I am super confident that you will find at least one (probably several) of these that you will find to your liking and development needs.

If you know of any more that I should include, please comment below and I’ll check them out.

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