Top 17 Garden Activities for Kids and Preschoolers

Digging in the dirt, planting seeds, and watching them sprout turns the garden into a living classroom where children can witness the wonders of nature’s cycles firsthand.

Gardening with kids and preschoolers fosters a range of developmental skills including responsibility, patience, and teamwork, while also cultivating an appreciation for the environment.

These garden related activities are perfect for tiny hands with big curiosities.

2. Garden Seed Packet Match Game

Garden Seed Packet Match Game

The Garden Seed Packet Match Game is an educational and interactive activity where players match seeds to their corresponding images or descriptions on seed packets. Each seed packet represents a specific plant or flower, and players engage in memory and matching skills to pair seeds with their appropriate packets.

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3. DIY Vegetable Garden

DIY Vegetable Garden

Transform a simple box and popsicle sticks into a charming DIY Vegetable Garden that brings the joy of gardening to even the smallest spaces. Begin by arranging popsicle sticks within the box to create individual sections for different vegetables.

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4. A Fun Flower Play Dough Tray

A Fun Flower Play Dough Tray

Play dough flowers create a colorful landscape that allows children to grow in this engaging and interactive activity that combines learning with play.

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5. Cut the Grass

Cut the Grass

With this “Cut the Grass” game, kids may venture into imaginative play while learning how to mow a lawn without creating any mess. Using green crepe or construction paper, cut out strips that look like grass blades. Give the kids some kid-safe scissors and let them cut and trim the paper grass as much as they want.

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6. Grow a Sprout

Growing a sprout on eggshells with faces is a creative and educational gardening activity. Students can use empty eggshells as small planters, adding soil and planting seeds inside. Decorating the eggshells with faces adds a fun and personalized touch to the project.

7. DIY Seed Starter for Kids

DIY Seed Starter for Kids

Help the children fill each compartment with potting soil. Next, let them choose their favorite seed whether flowers, herbs, or vegetables and plant a few in each section. Water the soil gently and place the seed starter in a sunny spot.

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8. Make Compost in a Bottle

Make Compost in a Bottle

Take your kids on an instructive and fun composting experience by starting a “Compost in a Bottle” project. This is a great way to get them excited about the benefits of composting.

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9. Sunflower Gardening Project

Sunflower Gardening Project

The Sunflower Gardening Project is an educational and hands-on activity where students engage in planting and caring for sunflowers. This project typically involves sowing sunflower seeds, nurturing the plants as they grow, and observing the different stages of the sunflower life cycle.

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10. Make a Terrarium

Make a Terrarium

Making a terrarium is a creative and hands-on activity where individuals create a miniature ecosystem in a glass container. Participants layer rocks or pebbles for drainage, add soil, and then plant small plants or succulents.

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11. Egg Carton Greenhouses

Egg Carton Greenhouses

Encourage children to track the development of their seedlings, as this will help them feel accountable and connected to the plant life cycle. The seedlings can be moved into individual pots or a larger garden after they outgrow the egg carton.

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12. Grow Seed in a Jar

Grow Seed in a Jar

By planting seeds in a clear jar, children can observe the roots sprouting and the plant emerging, fostering a connection to nature. This activity sparks curiosity, teaches patience, and provides a simple yet impactful way for preschoolers to engage with the fascinating process of seed germination.

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13. DIY Bug Houses

DIY Bug Houses

Make sections of the bug house out of containers, wrapper, and design it to provide comfortable hiding places for different animals. This practical exercise fosters creativity while teaching the value of giving helpful insects in the garden a place to live.

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14. Garden Sensory Bin

Garden Sensory Bin

Learn how to create your own, simple garden sensory play experience. Kids can get their hands dirty and a do some spring planting.

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15. Create Invitation for a Flower Garden

Create Invitation for a Flower Garden

Through planting colorful flowers, engaging in floral crafts, and enjoying garden-themed games, children not only learn about the beauty of blooms but also develop fine motor skills and an appreciation for the outdoors.

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16. Thumbprint Flower Pot

Thumbprint Flower Pot

A Thumbprint Flowerpot is a creative and hands-on craft activity where individuals use their thumbprints to create flowers on a pot or another surface. Participants dip their thumbs in paint and press them onto the surface to form flower shapes, which can be enhanced with additional details using fingers or brushes.

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17. Water Bottle Wind Spirals

Water Bottle Wind Spirals

By decorating these containers with vibrant paints, markers, or even recyclable materials, kids may let their imaginations run wild. After decorating, cut the bottle into a spiral design to produce a fanciful artwork that will catch the wind.

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