Top 37 Flower Activities for Preschoolers

Celebrate spring and have some creative fun with this list of flower-filled activity ideas for kids and preschoolers!

Engaging children with flower-related activities can foster an appreciation for nature’s beauty while enriching their learning through sensory experiences, science, and art.

Painting with flower pigments, creating botanical collages and engaging in flower-themed sensory bins are just a few ways these floral adventures promote learning through play.

1. Blooming Flowers Experiment

Blooming Flowers Experiment

This hands-on project invites young learners to fold paper flowers and watch them bloom magically when placed onto the water-filled tub.

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2. Flower Measurement Activities

Flower Measurement Activities

This collection of hands-on exercises encourages children to measure and compare the sizes of various flowers using simple tools like rulers or non-standard units.

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3. Spring Counting Mat

Spring Counting Mat

This engaging mat features cheerful spring-themed illustrations, providing a visually stimulating backdrop for counting exercises. From counting petals on flowers to tallying buzzing bees, the Spring Counting Mat transforms mathematical concepts into a playful adventure.

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4. TP Roll Parts of a Flower Learning Toy

TP Roll Parts of a Flower Learning Toy

This hands-on educational tool transforms ordinary toilet paper rolls into a captivating lesson in botany. Each roll represents a different part of the flower – petals, stem, leaves, and more.

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5. Cut the Grass

Cut the Grass

This artistic endeavor not only allows for the expression of creativity but also introduces the concept of landscaping in a playful way. Kids and adults alike can enjoy the satisfaction of creating a picturesque paper garden.

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6. Paper Plate Flower Craft

Paper Plate Flower Craft

Start by placing a white flower stem into water with a small piece of filter paper. As the water is absorbed, it travels through the flower, carrying pigments and creating colorful patterns on the filter paper.

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7. Flower Chromatography

Flower Chromatography

Engage in flower chromatography by placing a white flower stem into water with a small piece of filter paper. As the water is absorbed, it travels through the flower, carrying pigments and creating colorful patterns on the filter paper.

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8. Do-a-Dot Spring Flower Craft

Do-a-Dot Spring Flower Craft

For a Do-a-Dot Spring Flower Craft, provide children with dot markers to create colorful flower petals on a paper plate.

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9. Flower Petal Counting to 10 Activity

Flower Petal Counting to 10 Activity

Facilitate a flower petal counting to 10 activity by drawing or using cut-out flowers with numbered petals. Children can count and match the petals to the corresponding number, reinforcing early math skills.

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10. Flower Number Matching Activity

Flower Number Matching Activity

This engaging exercise invites young learners to match different representations of numbers, fostering a comprehensive understanding of numerical concepts.

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11. Flower Name Craft

Flower Name Craft

Create a flower name craft by assigning each letter of a child’s name to a separate flower. Children can decorate each flower with colors and patterns corresponding to the assigned letter, fostering creativity and letter recognition.

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12. Flower Suncatcher Craft

Flower Suncatcher Craft

This creative and decorative activity transforms ordinary materials into a vibrant display of colors and light. Children can use flower-shaped templates or create their own designs using translucent colored paper, tissue paper, or cellophane.

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13. Beautiful Tulip Suncatcher

 Beautiful Tulip Suncatcher

Elevate your crafting experience with the “Beautiful Tulip Suncatcher.” This enchanting activity combines artistry and a touch of nature to create a stunning decorative piece.

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14. Pasta Flower Craft

Pasta Flower Craft

Using glue, paint, and a variety of pasta types, kids can create unique floral masterpieces by arranging different pasta pieces as petals, stems, or even the entire bloom.

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15. Flower Counting

Flower Counting

Each card represents a counted number, providing a hands-on and visually engaging way to learn and reinforce numerical concepts.

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16. Still-Life Preschool Painting Activity

 Still-Life Preschool Painting Activity

This engaging exercise invites children to explore the concept of still life by arranging everyday objects like fruits, toys, or household items in an interesting composition. With paintbrushes and a palette of colors in hand, preschoolers can bring their chosen still-life arrangement to life on paper or canvas.

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17. Save the Bouquet of Flowers

Save the Bouquet of Flowers

This engaging and educational project allows children to explore the science behind flower preservation while also creating a lasting memory from a special occasion.

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18. Still Life Flower Drawings

Still Life Flower Drawings

Inspire future painters with the captivating world of “Still Life Flower Drawings.” This artistic endeavor invites kids to sketch and illustrate a thoughtfully organized bouquet or a single flower. Young artists can capture the fine details, forms, and colors of the flowers in front of them using pencils, colored pencils, or pastels.

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19. Lilac Sensory Bottle

Lilac Sensory Bottle

This engrossing and fragrant project turns a regular bottle into a multisensory encounter influenced by the subtle scent of lilacs.

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20. Garden Art Flowers

Garden Art Flowers – Painting with Flowers

In the garden art flower activity, let children dip the bottom of a flower into paint and stamp it onto paper, creating vibrant flower shapes. Extend the stem by painting or drawing it beneath the flower.

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21. Flower Sensory Soup

Flower Sensory Soup

Create a flower sensory soup by adding water, colorful flowers, and various textures to a sensory bin. Children can explore the different sensations, textures, and colors while engaging in imaginative play

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22. Make Flower Chain Crowns 

Make Flower Chain Crowns

Use the “Make Flower Chain Crowns” craft to create a wistful, nature-inspired adornment. Using real or artificial flowers, kids can create their own beautiful crowns with this fun activity, adding a magical touch to playtime or special events.

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23. DIY Glowing Flowers

DIY Glowing Flowers

Illuminate your surroundings with the magical allure of “DIY Glowing Flowers.” This enchanting project combines nature and technology to create a stunning display that lights up the night.

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24. Handprint Flowerpot

Handprint Flowerpot

Bring a personal touch to gardening with the “Handprint Flowerpot” activity. This charming and creative project allows children to leave their mark on a simple flowerpot, transforming it into a unique and cherished piece.

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25. Spring Flower Alphabet Match

Spring Flower Alphabet Match

Combine the joy of spring with the excitement of learning letters with the “Spring Flower Alphabet Match” activity. This educational and hands-on project engages young learners in a playful exploration of the alphabet, using vibrant flowers as a delightful teaching tool.

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26. Button Flowers

Button Flowers Fine Motor Activity

Craft button flowers by arranging colorful buttons to form the petals and center of a flower.

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27. Georgia O’Keeffe Flowers: Simple Art for Kids

Georgia O’Keeffe Flowers: Simple Art for Kids

Introduce young artists to the captivating world of Georgia O’Keeffe with a “Simple Art for Kids” project inspired by her iconic flower paintings. This activity not only offers a creative outlet for children but also introduces them to the renowned American artist’s unique style.

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28. Flower Pattern Strips

Flower Pattern Strips

Create a visually engaging and educational activity with “Flower Pattern Strips.” This project combines the beauty of flowers with the concept of patterns, providing a delightful way for children to explore and understand basic sequences.

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29. Spring Flowers Felt Board Set

Spring Flowers Felt Board Set

This activity encourages creativity and learning by fusing the vivid colors and shapes of spring flowers with the tactile appeal of felt.

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30. Flower Petal Counting

Flower Petal Counting

“Flower Petal Counting” is a delightful and educational activity that combines nature and mathematics for young learners. This interactive exercise invites children to count the petals on various flowers, providing a hands-on and visually engaging way to introduce and reinforce counting skills.

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31. Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue Paper Flowers

Create a burst of color and creativity with the timeless craft of making “Tissue Paper Flowers.” This simple and versatile craft is perfect for all ages and occasions, offering a fun way to add a touch of springtime to any space.

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32. Cupcake Liner Photo Flower Frames

Cupcake Liner Photo Flower Frames

Combine creativity and cherished memories with the “Cupcake Liner Photo Flower Frames” activity. This delightful and personalized craft transforms simple cupcake liners into vibrant frames that showcase your favorite photos.

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33. Color Changing Flowers

Color Changing Flowers

Explore the wonders of science and nature with the captivating “Color Changing Flowers” experiment. This educational activity allows children to witness firsthand how flowers absorb water and change colors, introducing concepts of plant biology and water absorption.

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34. Yarn Flowers

Yarn Flowers

Craft vibrant and textured blooms with the charming “Yarn Flowers” activity. This simple and enjoyable craft allows children to create their own colorful floral arrangements using yarn and a few basic materials.

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35. Flower Potato Stamping Craft

Flower Potato Stamping Craft

With this project, children may make their own flower-themed masterpieces by transforming an ordinary potato into a multipurpose stamp.

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36. Egg Carton Flower

Egg Carton Flower

Transform an ordinary egg carton into a garden of blossoms with the delightful “Egg Carton Flower” craft. This eco-friendly and creative activity allows children to repurpose materials, turning them into colorful and imaginative flowers.

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37. Daffodil Craft

Daffodil Craft

Celebrate the arrival of spring with a cheerful “Daffodil Craft” that adds a burst of sunshine to your creative endeavors. This simple and delightful activity allows children to craft their own vibrant daffodil blooms.

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