Top 40 Butterfly Activities for Preschoolers

This list is your one-stop resource for butterfly-themed activities designed specifically for young kids and preschoolers!

These hands-on activities are perfect for teaching about nature while learning about metamorphosis, ecosystems, and the importance of biodiversity.

They develop fine motor skills and foster a love for the great outdoors. From creating adorable butterfly crafts to exploring their fascinating metamorphosis, get ready to watch your child’s imagination take flight!

1. Butterfly Life Cycle Craft

Butterfly Life Cycle Craft

This preschool activity is a delightful blend of creativity and education, allowing students to explore the magical transformation of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.

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2. Chromatography Butterfly Craft

Chromatography Butterfly Craft

Not only does this craft enhance scientific understanding, but it also encourages experimentation and observation. With every unique creation, kids explore the principles of color mixing while enjoying the hands-on excitement of crafting their personalized, chromatography-inspired butterflies.

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3. Toilet Roll Handprint Butterfly

Toilet Roll Handprint Butterfly

Transform simple materials into a burst of colorful creativity with the Toilet Roll Handprint Butterfly activity! This engaging craft combines the charm of handprints with the versatility of a toilet paper roll to bring to life a vibrant butterfly.

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4. Decorate a Butterfly Collage Art Activity

Decorate a Butterfly Collage Art Activity

By providing an assortment of materials like colored paper, fabric scraps, glitter, and more, children can let their imaginations take flight.

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5. Butterfly Sensory Bin and Sorting Activity

Butterfly Sensory Bin and Sorting Activity

Watch as little ones eagerly explore the sensory bin, discovering the wonders of texture and shape while fostering a deeper connection to the fascinating world of butterflies.

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6. Symmetry Butterfly Painting

Symmetry Butterfly Painting

Begin by folding a paper in half, applying paint to one side, and then folding it to create a symmetrical masterpiece.

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7. Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft for Preschool!

Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft for Preschool!

For a coffee filter butterfly craft, have children color or paint coffee filters, then gather and pinch them in the center to create butterfly wing

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8. Easy Paper Plate Butterfly Craft for Kids

Easy Paper Plate Butterfly Craft for Kids

Ignite the joy of crafting with this Easy Paper Plate Butterfly Craft designed for kids! With just a few simple materials like paper plates, markers, and pipe cleaners, children can unleash their creativity and transform ordinary plates into vibrant, fluttering butterflies.

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9. Easy Butterfly Suncatcher Craft

Easy Butterfly Suncatcher Craft

Using simple materials like tissue paper, contact paper, and scissors, children can create stunning butterfly suncatchers that not only showcase their artistic flair but also catch the sunlight in a mesmerizing display.

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10. Butterfly Matching Game

Butterfly Matching Game

This engaging activity not only entertains but also sharpens cognitive skills in young learners. Featuring colorful cards adorned with various butterfly patterns, kids can enjoy the challenge of finding matching pairs.

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11. Butterfly Color Matching Game

Butterfly Color Matching Game

This activity involves creating a butterfly color matching game where children match colorful clothespins to corresponding colored butterflies.

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12. Butterfly Counting Jar

Butterfly Counting Jar

This hands-on learning experience involves placing a specific number of butterfly-shaped objects, such as colorful paper cutouts or small plastic figures, into a jar.

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13. Butterfly Sensory Bin for Spring

Butterfly Sensory Bin for Spring

Fill a bin with soft, colorful materials such as pastel-colored rice or shredded paper as the base. Introduce butterfly figurines, silk flowers, and leaves to create a sensory-rich environment.

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14. Butterfly Finger Painting Art Activity

Butterfly Finger Painting Art Activity

Encourage children to dip their fingers into the paint and freely express themselves as they decorate the butterfly shapes.

As little fingers dance across the paper, watch as unique and colorful butterfly masterpieces emerge.

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15. Butterfly Nature Craft

Butterfly Nature Craft

Connect children with the wonders of nature through the Butterfly Nature Craft—an enriching and eco-friendly activity that combines creativity with the beauty of the outdoors.

Begin by taking a nature walk to collect fallen leaves, twigs, and other natural materials. Back in the classroom or at the crafting station, provide each child with a cardboard base and let them arrange their gathered materials to create unique butterfly shapes.

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16. Static Electricity Butterfly

Static Electricity Butterfly

Begin by cutting out butterfly shapes from lightweight materials, such as paper or thin plastic. Attach small pieces of tissue paper to the wings for added flutter.

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17. Butterfly Number Matching Activity

Butterfly Number Matching Activity

Watch as young learners eagerly flutter through the numbers, making connections and building confidence with each matching pair.

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18. Butterfly Mask Craft

Butterfly Mask Craft

Create a set of butterfly cards with numerals on one wing and corresponding dots or objects representing the quantity on the other. Scatter the cards across a play area and invite children to match each numeral to its corresponding visual representation.

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19. Butterfly Life Cycle Necklace

Butterfly Life Cycle Necklace

Start by providing small, colored beads or charms to represent each stage of the life cycle: egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly. Guide children in stringing these beads in chronological order onto a piece of string or yarn, creating a wearable representation of the butterfly’s transformation.

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20. DIY Butterfly Sensory Bottle

DIY Butterfly Sensory Bottle

Create a mesmerizing DIY Butterfly Sensory Bottle for a soothing and visually captivating experience. Begin by collecting small butterfly figurines or cutouts, and colorful sequins or glitter.

Choose a clear plastic bottle with a secure lid. Add the butterfly figures and sequins to the bottle, then fill it with clear or lightly tinted liquid, leaving some space at the top. Seal the lid tightly to prevent any leakage.

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21. Butterfly Count & Color Sort

Butterfly Count & Color Sort

By providing a set of butterfly cutouts in various colors. Alongside these, offer a collection of small objects or counters in matching colors. Each child can then count the number of butterflies in each color and sort the corresponding objects or counters accordingly.

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22. Raising Butterflies in Preschool

Raising Butterflies in Preschool

Incorporate related activities such as butterfly crafts, butterfly-themed books, and discussions about the importance of butterflies in nature.

Release the butterflies into an outdoor area once they have emerged, providing a memorable and hands-on connection to the natural world.

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23. Butterfly Sponge Painting

Butterfly Sponge Painting

Dip the sponge butterflies into the paint and press them onto the paper to create colorful butterfly prints. Encourage children to experiment with different colors, patterns, and arrangements, fostering their artistic expression.

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24. Butterflies and Flowers Number Line Activity

Butterflies and Flowers Number Line Activity

Encourage children to interact with the number line by placing numbered petals on the flowers or matching butterfly cutouts to the corresponding numbers.

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25. Monarch Butterfly Craft for Kids

Monarch Butterfly Craft for Kids

Craft wooden peg and party streamer monarch butterflies by attaching party streamers as wings to wooden pegs. Let children decorate them with colors resembling monarch butterflies.

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26. Easy Butterfly Feeder

For an easy butterfly feeder, place a tray with sliced fruits, like strawberries or bananas, in a tray. Hang it outside where butterflies can access the fruits.

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27. Learning Symmetry Using Lego

Learning Symmetry Using Lego

Engage in a LEGO butterfly symmetry activity by having children create a butterfly using LEGO bricks on one side and then mirror the design on the other.

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28. Easy Thumbprint Butterfly Craft for Kids

Easy Thumbprint Butterfly Craft for Kids

This simple and engaging craft allows kids to explore their creativity as they transform their thumbprints into unique and colorful butterflies.

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29. Butterfly Catch

Butterfly Catch

Designate an open space for the activity and invite children to take turns trying to “catch” the butterflies by tossing a butterfly-catching net or a hoop.

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30. Paper Butterfly Silhouette Craft

Paper Butterfly Silhouette Craft

Start by providing children with sheets of colored construction paper and butterfly-shaped stencils or templates. Instruct them to trace the butterfly shape onto the paper and cut it out carefully.

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31. Stained Glass Butterfly

Stained Glass Butterfly

Hang the finished Stained-Glass Butterflies in a window, allowing the sunlight to filter through the colored plastic wrap, creating a beautiful display of radiant colors.

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32. Butterfly Stick Puppet

Butterfly Stick Puppet

Bring storytelling and imaginative play to life with the Butterfly Stick Puppet craft! Begin by providing children with butterfly templates or blank paper to draw and color their butterfly shapes. After decorating the butterflies with vibrant colors, markers, or other art supplies, attach each one to a craft stick using glue or tape.

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33. Handprint Butterfly Craft For Kids

Handprint Butterfly Craft For Kids

For a handprint butterfly craft, have children paint or color their hands and press them onto paper with fingers extended to create butterfly wings.

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34. Butterfly Cupcakes

 Butterfly Cupcakes

Watch as young bakers joyfully bring their imaginations to life, creating not just cupcakes but delightful winged creatures that are as fun to make as they are to eat.

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35. Paper Heart Butterfly Craft

Paper Heart Butterfly Craft

Cut out colorful paper hearts, which will serve as the butterfly wings. Kids can choose various sizes and colors to personalize their creations.

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36. Butterfly Craft with Recycled Newspaper

Butterfly Craft with Recycled Newspaper

Provide children with colorful paints, markers, or tissue paper to decorate the newspaper butterflies. Encourage them to get creative with designs, patterns, and colors, fostering artistic expression. Once the butterflies are decorated and dry, attach them to craft sticks or string for easy display.

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37. Life Cycle of a Butterfly Concertina Activity

Life Cycle of a Butterfly Concertina Activity

Guide the children to draw or color the corresponding images of each stage along the paper strips. Once completed, accordion-fold the paper to create a concertina effect, allowing the children to compress and expand the paper, revealing the sequential stages of the butterfly’s life cycle.

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38. Stick and Leaf Butterfly Nature Craft

Stick and Leaf Butterfly Nature Craft

Back in the crafting space, provide each child with a large stick for the butterfly body and various leaves for the wings. Using glue or twine, attach the leaves to the stick, creating colorful and textured butterfly wings.

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39. Easy Crepe Paper Butterfly

Easy Crepe Paper Butterfly

Encourage personalization by adding details such as googly eyes, pipe cleaner antennae, or colorful patterns on the wings using markers or stickers. This easy and colorful craft sparks imaginative play as children bring their Crepe Paper Butterflies to life.

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40. Life Cycle of a Butterfly Craft

Life Cycle of a Butterfly Craft

Guide the children in decorating each stage of the life cycle using colors, markers, or other art supplies. Once the cutouts are decorated, arrange and attach them in a sequential order on a large piece of paper or a bulletin board to represent the butterfly’s life cycle.

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