30 Fun Writing Activities for Kindergarten and Preschoolers

Welcome to our curated collection of writing activities designed specifically for kindergarteners and preschoolers.

Learning to write is not just about mastering letters and words; it’s about expressing ideas, sharing stories, and expanding the understanding of the world.

This roundup is packed with engaging and fun projects that encourage children to play with words and shapes, from scribbling their first letters to composing their first words.

We’ll go beyond the traditional pencil and paper, exploring a variety of fun and interactive ways to introduce your child to the wonderful world of writing.

1. Baby Food Writing Tray

Baby Food Writing Tray

This creative exercise transforms ordinary baby food into a sensory-rich writing experience for preschoolers.

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2. Confetti Writing Tray

Step into the vibrant world of early literacy with the Confetti Writing Tray, a captivating preschool writing activity that adds an element of celebration to learning.

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3. Pre-Writing Activities with Squishy Bags

Pre-Writing Activities with Squishy Bags

These squishy bags offer a mess-free canvas for children to explore and practice pre-writing skills, promoting hand-eye coordination and fine motor development.

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4. Baby Food Writing Tray (Using Shaving Cream)

Baby Food Writing Tray

This innovative activity combines the smooth consistency of baby food with the fluffy texture of shaving cream, creating a dynamic surface for early writing exploration.

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5. Dirt Play Dough + Rocks Writing Tray

Dirt Play Dough + Rocks Writing Tray

This unique writing experience invites young learners to trace letters and shapes in a tray filled with textured dirt play dough and smooth rocks.

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6. Playdough Writing

Playdough Writing

By combining the versatility of playdough with early literacy skills, children can mold and shape letters, numbers, and shapes with ease. This tactile approach not only enhances fine motor.

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7. Colored Salt Writing Tray for Reluctant Writers

Colored Salt Writing Tray for Reluctant Writers

This innovative approach transforms a simple tray of colored salt into a sensory-rich canvas, encouraging hesitant learners to explore letters and shapes in a non-intimidating way.

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8. Shaving Cream Sight Word Game

Shaving Cream Sight Word Game

Engage in a shaving cream sight word game by spreading a layer of shaving cream on a surface and having children write or trace sight words in the cream.

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9. Slime Writing Tray

Slime Writing Tray

Children can explore letters, shapes, and words in a playful and malleable medium. The unique texture of slime adds an extra layer of engagement, turning the learning process into a memorable and enjoyable adventure.

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10. Glitter Glue Pre-Writing Line Practice

Glitter Glue Pre-Writing Line Practice

Use glitter glue to trace pre-writing lines activity transforms the traditional path to writing readiness into a dazzling adventure.

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11. Racetrack ABC

Racetrack ABC

Transforming the learning experience into a high-speed adventure, this activity encourages children to follow the racetrack path while identifying and tracing each letter.

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12. Squeeze Bottle Salt Writing

Squeeze Bottle Salt Writing

Turn writing practice into a tactile delight with Squeeze Bottle Salt Writing, a creative and engaging activity that adds a sprinkle of fun to literacy learning.

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13. Fridge Magnet Pre-Writing Activity

Fridge Magnet Pre-Writing Activity

Unlock the magic of early writing skills with the Fridge Magnet Pre-Writing Activity, a captivating and interactive way to introduce little ones to the world of letters.

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14. Popsicle Letters

Popsicle Letters

Chill out with the delightful Popsicle Letters activity, a cool and creative way to introduce the alphabet to young learners. Crafted from vibrant popsicle sticks, each letter becomes a hands-on, interactive tool for spelling and literacy practice.

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15. Tracing Letters with Water

Tracing Letters with Water

By providing a chalkboard and a cup of water. Children can dip their fingers or a small brush into the water and trace letters on the chalkboard

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16. Fingerprint Letters

Fingerprint Letters

Explore fingerprint letters by having children dip their fingers into paint and form letters on paper using their fingerprints.

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17. Push Pin Pre-Writing Activity

Push Pin Pre-Writing Activity

Engage in a push pin pre-writing activity by allowing children to use a push pin to trace along pre-drawn lines or shapes on paper.

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18. Magnetic Prewriting

Magnetic Prewriting

Implement a magnetic prewriting activity by providing magnetic letters or shapes and a magnetic surface.

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19. ABC Lowercase Tracing Pages with Playdough Mats

ABC Lowercase Tracing Pages with Playdough Mats

These interactive pages guide young learners through the lowercase alphabet, providing a tactile experience by incorporating play dough shaped as letters.

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20. Pumpkin Pre-writing Activity

Pumpkin Pre-writing Activity

In the pumpkin pre-writing activity, use pumpkin-shaped erasers to create letter patterns for children to follow. Arrange the erasers in the shape of letters, and kids can trace along the patterns.

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21. Colorful Rice Writing Sensory Bin

Colorful Rice Writing Sensory Bin

Create a colorful rice writing sensory bin by dyeing rice in various hues and providing a tray with a shallow layer of the colored rice

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22. Magic Letters Writing Activity

Magic Letters Writing Activity

This imaginative exercise involves using a “magic” material, such as invisible ink pens or white crayons, to write letters on paper.

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23. DIY Tracing Cards

Craft DIY tracing cards by cutting index cards into desired shapes and tracing patterns or letters onto them. Children can then use these cards to practice tracing with a pencil or marker

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24. Rain Cloud Pre-Writing Tracing Cards

Rain Cloud Pre-Writing Tracing Cards

These engaging cards feature rain cloud shapes with pre-drawn lines or shapes for tracing.

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25. Q-Tip Letter Tracing Activity

Q-Tip Letter Tracing Activity

By using Q-Tip as a tool to write, this activity not only offers a mess-free way to practice letters but also introduces a unique tactile experience.

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26. Spring Lamb Handwriting Activity

Spring Lamb Handwriting Activity

Celebrate the season of renewal and growth with the Spring Lamb Handwriting Activity, a charming and educational experience that combines the joy of spring with early handwriting skills.

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27. Connect the Stickers 

Connect the Stickers

This activity involves creating connect-the-dots stickers on a sheet of paper, where numbered or colored stickers are placed for children to connect in sequence

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28. Straight Line Tracing Activity

Straight Line Tracing Activity

This activity involves presenting children with sheets containing straight lines to trace using pencils or markers. It’s a simple and effective way to help kids practice controlled movements and gain confidence in pre-writing abilities.

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29. Bee and Flower Tracing

 Bee and Flower Tracing

Children can trace the outlines of flowers and bees using pencils, markers, or their fingers, fostering hand-eye coordination and precision. This thematic tracing activity not only enhances basic motor skills but also adds a touch of nature-inspired fun to the learning process.

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30. Write Using Bingo Dabbers

Write Using Bingo Dabbers

Create vibrant and imaginative artwork using bingo dabbers by letting children express their creativity with colorful stamps on paper

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