Top 30 Fun Weather Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

Welcome to our curated compilation of engaging preschool activities focused on the wonders of weather.

For preschoolers and kindergarten kids, understanding weather is not only about learning scientific concepts; it’s about connecting with their environment in a meaningful way.

Discover the wonders of weather through our thoughtfully curated list of activities and crafts, designed specifically for you to explore and experience.

These weather-related activities encourage preschoolers to ask questions, make predictions, and engage in hands-on experiments.

1. Weather Playdough Mats

Weather Playdough Mats

Engage young learners in a world of meteorological wonder with Weather Playdough Mats! These captivating preschool activities offer an interactive and hands-on approach to understanding different weather phenomena.

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2. Weather Vane Compass

Weather Vane Compass

By constructing these simple devices that point to the direction of the wind, young minds are introduced to fundamental meteorological concepts in an engaging and interactive manner.

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3. Grow a Rainbow

Grow a Rainbow

By carefully placing colorful water droplets onto paper towels, children witness firsthand how water molecules move through materials, creating stunning rainbow patterns.

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4. Make a Pinwheel

Make a Pinwheel

This hands-on experience offers young explorers a delightful way to discover the power of wind and its influence on our environment.

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5. Weather Dramatic Play Dress-Up

Weather Dramatic Play Dress-Up

By donning costumes and using props to mimic various weather conditions, children not only enhance their social and emotional skills but also develop a deeper understanding of the elements that shape our environment.

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6. Weather Calendar

Weather Calendar

A Weather Calendar is a visual and practical tool that allows students to track and record daily weather conditions over a set period. This hands-on activity provides a tangible way for students to learn about weather patterns, seasonal changes, and data organization.

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7. Make a Rain Gauge

Make a Rain Gauge

Making a Rain Gauge is a simple and practical hands-on activity where students construct a device to measure the amount of rainfall. This DIY project involves using a clear container with marked measurements to observe and record precipitation.

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8. Shaving Cream Rain Clouds

Shaving Cream Rain Clouds

As they observe “rain” falling from their fluffy “clouds,” students not only engage in sensory play but also gain a foundational understanding of weather phenomena.

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9. Tornado in a Bottle

By creating their own mini tornadoes using simple materials, children gain an understanding of how swirling air currents can give rise to these powerful weather events.

10. How to Make Rain Cloud in a Jar

How to Make Rain Cloud in a Jar

This captivating hands-on experience allows young learners to uncover the secrets of cloud formation and rainfall in a visually engaging and interactive way.

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11. Weather Chart

Weather Chart

Introducing the captivating world of meteorology to young minds, the Weather Chart preschool activity offers an engaging and educational experience like no other.

Designed to ignite curiosity and cultivate a deeper understanding of the ever-changing elements around us, this activity allows students to explore the wonders of weather through interactive visuals and hands-on participation.

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12. Rain Cloud Number Tracing Cards

Rain Cloud Number Tracing Cards

Designed to fuse learning with fun, these captivating cards provide a delightful way for young learners to explore numbers while unleashing their creativity.

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13. Stormy Weather Activity

Stormy Weather Activity

This activity seamlessly merges education and art, offering a truly electrifying learning adventure that sparks curiosity, critical thinking, and artistic expression.

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14. Hibernation Seasons Activity

Hibernation Seasons Activity

Through engaging storytelling, hands-on crafts, and interactive games, students will uncover the secrets of how various creatures adapt and thrive during different times of the year.

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15. Little Cloud

Little Cloud

By blending imagination and hands-on exploration, children will have the chance to bring the sky to life using everyday materials like shaving cream, glue, and construction paper.

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16. Water Cycle in a Bag

Water Cycle in a Bag

Through this interactive and hands-on experience, young learners will embark on a captivating journey to explore the natural process of how water transforms from vapor to rain and back again.

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17. Simple Evaporation Lesson

Simple Evaporation Lesson

Through this hands-on experience, young minds will uncover the marvels of evaporation, transforming ordinary water into a captivating learning adventure.

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18. Snow Storm in a Jar

Snow Storm in a Jar

As children watch the “snow” settle and storm within a jar, they’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the beauty and complexity of the natural world.

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19. Making Frost

Making Frost

Through this hands-on experience, young explorers will unravel the secrets of frost formation and create their own frosty masterpieces

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20. Cloud Identification Tool

Cloud Identification Tool

This activity not only promotes scientific curiosity but also cultivates an appreciation for the beauty and complexity of the skies.

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21. Raindrop Sun Catcher

Raindrop Sun Catcher

Experience the enchantment of rain and sunshine with our captivating preschool activity – the Raindrop Sun Catcher.

Delight in the process of crafting your own radiant sun catcher adorned with shimmering raindrops, bringing the magic of weather right into your hands.

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22. Rain Painting

Rain Painting

This enchanting hands-on experience invites young artists to explore the mesmerizing fusion of rain and colors, creating stunning masterpieces that dance with each drop.

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23. How to Make a Weather Station

How to Make a Weather Station

Through the Weather Station project, children become weather detectives, sparking a lifelong interest in monitoring and understanding the ever-changing elements.

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24. Cotton Ball Clouds

Cotton Ball Clouds

This hands-on experience invites young learners to explore the textures and shapes of clouds by creating their own fluffy masterpieces.

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25. Rain Sticks

Rain Sticks

Crafted with creativity and simple materials, these rain sticks provide a wonderful opportunity for students to explore the auditory wonders of weather.

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26. Paper Plate Sun

Paper Plate Sun

Bask in the radiant glow of our charming preschool activity- the Paper Plate Sun. This hands-on experience brings the warmth of the sun into young learners’ hands, allowing them to craft their own vibrant sun masterpiece.

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27. Bubble Wrap Snowman

Bubble Wrap Snowman

Step into a winter wonderland of creativity with our delightful preschool activity – the Bubble Wrap Snowman. This hands-on experience invites young artists to bring the magic of snow to life using the whimsical texture of bubble wrap.

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28. Thunder Cloud Craft

Thunder Cloud Craft

This creative project not only fosters artistic expression but also introduces students to meteorological concepts associated with thunderstorms.

29. Paper Plate Snowflakes

Paper Plate Snowflakes

This hands-on experience invites young artists to craft their own intricate snowflake designs using the canvas of a simple paper plate.

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30. Paper Plate Umbrella

Paper Plate Umbrella

Join us in this colorful adventure, where every brushstroke brings rainbows to life and creativity knows no limits, leaving students with a collection of vibrant umbrellas and a lasting connection to the intersection of weather and art.

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