40 Fun & Easy Preschool Science Experiments

Welcome to our collection of fun and easy science experiments, especially handpicked for our tiniest tinkerers and budding scientists. These experiments provide a safe and engaging environment for children to observe, question, and discover.

Activities on this list aren’t about complex theories or lengthy explanations; they’re about the joy of discovery, the magic of “why,” and the thrill of the “aha!” moment.

In the age of preschool kids, curiosity knows no bounds. Every raindrop is a mystery, every shadow a playful game, and every bubble a burst of joy. At this tender age, the line between magic and science is delightfully blurred, making it the perfect time to embark on whimsical experiments that tickle the imagination while fostering a foundational love for the wonders of the world.

Guided by experienced educators, each experiment is thoughtfully crafted to ensure age-appropriate materials, simple instructions, and plenty of opportunities for hands-on exploration.

1. Floating Dry Erase Rainbow and Shapes Experiment  

Floating Dry Erase Rainbow and Shapes Experiment  

The Floating Dry Erase Rainbow and Shapes Experiment is a captivating preschool science activity that engages young minds while introducing fundamental concepts of buoyancy and color mixing.

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2. The Oil and Water Experiment- Density Science

The Oil and Water Experiment- Density Science

By combining oil and water in a clear container, students observe the distinct separation between the two substances due to their different densities.

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3. Make Ice Grow

Make Ice Grow

This experiment sparks curiosity and wonder and teaches children about the states of matter and the scientific principle of freezing.

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4. Ice Cream in a Bag

Ice Cream in a Bag

The “Ice Cream in a Bag” experiment is a delightful preschool science activity combining hands-on fun and a tasty treat.

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5. Magic Milk

Magic Milk

The “Magic Milk” experiment with fizzing milk is a captivating preschool science activity that combines chemistry and visual spectacle.

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6. Walking on Raw Eggs

Walking on Raw Eggs

By placing raw eggs in a row on the ground and carefully stepping on them, students discover that the eggs can withstand their weight without breaking.

This experiment not only sparks excitement and awe but also encourages children to question and investigate the strength and structure of objects.

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7. Unicorn Fizz 

Unicorn Fizz 

The “Unicorn Fizz” experiment is a delightful preschool science activity that brings together a sense of wonder and the magic of unicorns.

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8. Unpoppable Bubbles

Unpoppable Bubbles

This hands-on and interactive activity encourages exploration, experimentation, and a sense of achievement when bubbles refuse to burst, making it a must-try for young scientists ready to challenge the laws of bubble physics.

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9. Melting Ice

Melting Ice

It’s a simple yet engaging activity that lays the foundation for understanding the principles of thermodynamics and encourages scientific inquiry, making it an ideal experiment for young learners eager to explore the wonders of science.

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10. Exploring How Water Travels Through Leaves

Exploring How Water Travels Through Leaves

The “Exploring How Water Travels Through Leaves” experiment is an exciting preschool science activity that allows children to discover the wonders of plant biology.

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11. Pepper and Soap

Pepper and Soap

By sprinkling pepper onto a bowl of water and then gently touching the surface with a soapy finger, students witness the mesmerizing movement of pepper particles as they scatter away from the soap.

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12. Rain Cloud in a Jar

This hands-on activity encourages observation, critical thinking, and a deeper understanding of weather phenomena, making it an exciting and educational experience for young learners eager to explore the science behind rain.

13. Making Color Disappear

Making Color Disappear

The “Making Color Disappear” experiment is a captivating preschool science activity that introduces children to the magical world of color mixing.

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14. Elephant Toothpaste

Elephant Toothpaste

This hands-on and engaging activity fosters scientific inquiry, observation, and a sense of wonder, making it a must-try for young scientists eager to explore the fascinating world of chemistry.

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15. Play Dough Volcano

Play Dough Volcano

This is a sensory and interactive activity that encourages exploration, observation, and scientific inquiry, making it a must-try for young scientists eager to unleash their inner volcanologists and have a blast while learning about the wonders of the natural world.

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16. Skittles Rainbow

Skittles Rainbow

By arranging a circle of colorful Skittles candies on a plate and adding a small amount of warm water, students can observe as the colors dissolve and blend together, creating a beautiful rainbow pattern.

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17. Rainbow Tower

By layering different liquids of varying densities, such as water, oil, and colored syrup, students can create a stunning rainbow tower in a clear container.

18. Balloon-Powered Car

By constructing a simple car out of everyday materials and attaching a balloon as the power source, students can witness the car zooming forward as the air escapes from the balloon.

19. Wind-Powered Car

By constructing a simple car using lightweight materials and attaching a small sail, students can observe how the wind propels the car forward.

20. Travelling Waters

The “Travelling Waters” experiment is a captivating preschool science activity that explores the concept of water absorption and movement.

21. Leak-proof Bag

 Leak-proof Bag

Get ready to discover the wonders of a leak-proof bag experiment! This engaging pre-school science activity is a must-try for young explorers

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22. Magnetic Discovery Bottles

Magnetic Discovery Bottles

By filling transparent bottles with a combination of water, glitter, and an array of magnetic objects, children can witness the mesmerizing dance of magnetic forces.

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23. Water Xylophone

As they experiment with water levels and observe the corresponding changes in pitch, they’ll develop a deeper understanding of sound and vibrations.

24. Balloon Rocket Science

This hands-on activity not only sparks excitement but also introduces basic physics concepts in a playful and interactive manner.

25. LEGO Ice Excavation

LEGO Ice Excavation

Get ready to embark on a cool and captivating journey with LEGO ice excavation! This thrilling preschool science experiment is a must-try for young adventurers.

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26. Edible Butterfly Life Cycle

Edible Butterfly Life Cycle

As they assemble and devour their edible creations, children will gain a deeper understanding of the miraculous transformation that butterflies undergo.

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27. Penny Boat

Penny Boat

As they experiment with different shapes and sizes, they’ll learn about buoyancy, weight distribution, and the principles of floating.

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28. Salt Painting

Salt Painting

Get ready to unleash your creativity with salt painting! This exciting pre-school art activity is a must-try for young artists. By using a mixture of salt, watercolors, and paper, children can create stunning and textured paintings.

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29. String Telephone

String Telephone

This hands-on activity not only sparks imagination but also introduces the concept of sound transmission and vibrations.

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30. DIY Straw Rockets

DIY Straw Rockets

Get ready for an exciting DIY adventure with straw rockets! This thrilling preschool science experiment is a must-try for young rocket scientists.

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31. Dancing Corn

Dancing Corn

Through this simple yet enchanting experience, children will grasp the concept of air pressure and buoyancy in a fun-filled manner.

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32. Egg Drop Challenge

Egg Drop Challenge

The Egg Drop Challenge not only sparks enthusiasm for science but also nurtures teamwork and perseverance in little ones.

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33. Rubber Egg (Egg in Vinegar)

Rubber Egg (Egg in Vinegar)

Welcome to the fascinating world of the “Rubber Egg” experiment, where curious young minds will witness the extraordinary transformation of a regular egg into a bouncy, rubbery wonder!

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34. LEGO Zipline

LEGO Zipline

By constructing a simple zipline using LEGO bricks and a string, children get hands-on experience with the principles of gravity, motion, and engineering.

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35. Blow Cup Challenge

Blow Cup Challenge

The Blow Cup Challenge is a delightful and captivating preschool science experiment that will leave young learners amazed and eager to explore.

By blowing air into the cup, they witness the fantastic force of air pressure propelling the rocket upwards.

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36. How Strong Is the Spaghetti?

How Strong Is the Spaghetti?

Through hands-on experimentation, they discover the principles of balance, stability, and load-bearing capacities.

This experiment not only encourages creativity and problem-solving but also introduces early engineering concepts in an engaging and approachable manner.

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37. Simple Static Electricity Experiment

The Simple Static Electricity Experiment offers an electrifying experience for preschoolers that sparks curiosity and wonder.

In this captivating activity, children explore the fascinating world of static electricity by rubbing balloons against different materials and observing the surprising effects.

38. Sedimentary Rocks Model

Sedimentary Rocks Model

The Sedimentary Rocks Model offers an immersive and educational preschool science experiment that takes young learners on a fascinating geological adventure. In this hands-on activity, children get to create their own sedimentary rock models.

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39. Layers of the Earth

Layers of the Earth

Through hands-on exploration, children will create a simplified Earth model using different materials to represent its layers: the crust, mantle, and core.

By understanding the composition of our planet, they’ll gain insight into the forces that shape the Earth’s surface and its interior.

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40. LEGO Pendulum Painting

LEGO Pendulum Painting

By experimenting with different string lengths, weights, and paint colors, they discover how the motion of the pendulum influences the patterns it creates.

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