Top 25 Sensory Activities for Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers

Sensory activities play a pivotal role in early childhood development, offering young learners a playful and immersive way to explore their environment, develop cognitive skills, and fine-tune their motor abilities.

These activities are not just about touching, smelling, hearing, seeing, and tasting; they’re about opening doorways to understanding and interaction with the world in a profound and meaningful way.

This roundup is a treasure trove of experiences that invite young children to dive hands-first into engaging, educational, and delightful sensory play.

1. Moon Sand

Moon Sand is a unique and moldable substance that combines the joy of sand play with a soft, silky texture. This sensory experience not only provides children with a delightful tactile exploration but also enhances their fine motor skills and creativity.

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2. Wacky Sacks Stress Balls

Wacky Sacks Stress Balls

Enter the world of relaxation with Wacky Sacks Stress Balls, the ultimate remedy for hectic days and anxious moments. These squeezable wonders are not your ordinary stress balls; they’re filled with a delightful mix of pliable materials that make for an irresistibly squishy and entertaining experience.

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3. Kitchen Slip and Slide

 Kitchen Slip and Slide

Introducing the Kitchen Slip and Slide, a culinary adventure that turns meal prep into a playful experience! This innovative concept transforms your kitchen into a vibrant, water-resistant haven for creativity and fun.

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4. Fruit Loops Sensory Bin

Fruit Loops Sensory Bin

The varying shapes and hues of the cereal also stimulate visual and cognitive development. Whether sorting by color, creating patterns, or simply enjoying the satisfying crunch, the Fruit Loops Sensory Bin transforms learning into a tasty and multisensory adventure for preschoolers.

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5. Learning with Nerf Guns

Learning With Nerf Guns

Incorporating Nerf guns into educational activities not only adds an element of fun but also promotes focus, strategic thinking, and teamwork. Math problems become target challenges, spelling quizzes transform into word-shooting contests, and history lessons become engaging quests.

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6. Gingerbread Cloud Dough

Gingerbread Cloud Dough

This delightful activity combines the warm aroma of gingerbread with the soft, moldable texture of cloud dough.

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7. Hot Chocolate Sensory Bin

Hot Chocolate Sensory Bin

Warm up to a cozy and inviting learning experience with the Hot Chocolate Sensory Bin. This delightful sensory activity transforms a simple bin into a winter wonderland filled with cocoa-inspired exploration.

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8. Edible Finger Paint

Edible Finger Paint

This sensory art activity introduces a palette of vibrant colors and flavors, turning the canvas into a delicious masterpiece. Made from edible and child-safe materials, this finger paint provides a unique and engaging sensory experience.

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9. Fizzy Shapes Sensory Bin

Fizzy Shapes Sensory Bin

Introduce a fizz of excitement to learning with the Fizzy Shapes Sensory Bin: A captivating experience that combines tactile exploration with a touch of chemistry. In this multisensory activity, children discover an array of colorful shapes immersed in fizzy tablets.

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10. Birds Sensory Bin

Children can sift through birdseed, feel the different textures of feathers, and discover miniature bird figurines nestled among natural elements like twigs and leaves.

11. Oil and Water Sensory Bag

Oil and Water Sensory Bag

The Oil and Water Sensory Bag serves as a soothing and captivating tool for relaxation, fostering a sense of calm. It’s an ideal activity for introducing concepts of density, color mixing, and cause and effect in a safe and contained environment.

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12. How to Make Rainbow Spaghetti for Sensory Play

How to Make Rainbow Spaghetti for Sensory Play

Making rainbow spaghetti for sensory play is a fun and colorful activity that engages multiple senses. Remember to supervise children during sensory play, especially if they are at an age where putting objects in their mouths is common. Enjoy the creative and sensory-filled experience of rainbow spaghetti play!

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13. Dinosaur Sensory Bin

Create a prehistoric adventure with a Dinosaur Sensory Bin, engaging children in a world of tactile exploration and imaginative play.

14. Peppermint Christmas Play Dough

Peppermint Christmas Play Dough

Celebrate the festive season with a delightful and aromatic Peppermint Christmas Play Dough. This easy-to-make sensory activity combines the joy of creative play with the sweet and minty scent of peppermint.

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15. Playdough Play

Playdough Play

Discover the magic of Playdough Play, a captivating preschool fine motor activity that combines creativity with skill development. Engaging in this hands-on experience, children mold and shape the pliable dough, refining their fine motor skills and enhancing hand-eye coordination.

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16. Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin

Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin

Bring the magic of the Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin to your preschool, providing a sensory-rich and educational adventure that sparks curiosity and delights young minds.

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17. Giant Water Beads: Amazing Sensory Activity!

Giant Water Beads – Amazing Sensory Activity!

Giant water beads offer an incredible sensory activity for children, providing a captivating and tactile experience. These super-absorbent polymer beads, when immersed in water, transform into large, squishy, and colorful spheres.

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18. No Cook Chocolate & Cherry Reindeer Play Dough

No Cook Chocolate & Cherry Reindeer Play Dough

Indulge in the festive spirit with No Cook Chocolate & Cherry Reindeer Play Dough, a delightful sensory activity that combines the joy of play with the scents of the season.

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19. Star Box Sensory Play

Star Box Sensory Play

This captivating activity transforms a simple box into a celestial wonderland, filled with the magic of stars. The Star Box Sensory Play not only provides a visual and tactile feast but also offers a calming and immersive experience.

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20. Colored Kinetic Sand Recipe

Colored Kinetic Sand Recipe

This simple DIY recipe transforms ordinary sand into a vibrant, moldable masterpiece, providing an engaging and hands-on experience for little hands.

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21. Easy Cloud Slime Recipe

Easy Cloud Slime Recipe

This simple DIY recipe transforms basic ingredients into a soft and stretchy cloud-like slime, capturing the imagination of young learners.

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22. Sensory Box for Kids

Sensory Box for Kids

This hands-on experience invites young learners to explore a curated box filled with a variety of textures, shapes, and objects, fostering sensory awareness and tactile development.

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23. Rainbow Soap Foam Sensory Play

Rainbow Soap Foam Sensory Play

This easy-to-make foam transforms ordinary bath time into a magical and educational experience. By blending dish soap, water, and food coloring, this activity creates a soft, fluffy foam with a rainbow of hues.

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23. Ice Painting Bin for Preschoolers

Ice Painting Bin for Preschoolers

This innovative approach to painting introduces an element of surprise and sensory delight, offering a memorable and educational experience for preschoolers.

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24. DIY Quiet Blocks

DIY Quiet Blocks

DIY Quiet Blocks provide a peaceful and educational playtime that nurtures both creativity and concentration in a soothing atmosphere. Encourage young builders to explore the world of silence and construction with these custom-made blocks, promoting calm, focused, and imaginative play.

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25. Pompom Push

Pompom Push

Encourage preschoolers to embark on this simple yet effective journey, turning playtime into a purposeful and skill-enhancing adventure that promotes coordination and concentration.

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