40 Best Science Experiments & Projects for Middle School

Welcome to our curated collection of top science fair projects and experiments, perfectly tailored for the inquisitive middle schoolers. Our collection offers hands-on activities that will captivate young minds and ignite their passion for learning.

Science fairs during middle school years are less about competition and more about fostering a love for exploration, experimentation, and the thrill of the “Eureka!” moment. That’s why we have ensured that all the experiments on our list are fun and easy.

Through hands-on experimentation, students can gain a deeper understanding of scientific concepts, build confidence in their abilities, and cultivate a lifelong passion for learning.

So, get your lab coats and grab your goggles, as middle school experiments are waiting to unlock a world of knowledge and excitement!

1. Crushed Can

Crushed Can

Students will be amazed as they witness an ordinary can being transformed before their very eyes. By simply heating it and then rapidly cooling it, the can will be crushed as if by magic!

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2. Water Bottle Rockets

In this engaging activity, students will have the opportunity to design, build, and launch their very own water-propelled rockets.

By adjusting variables like water level and air pressure, they’ll witness firsthand how these factors impact the rocket’s flight path and distance.

3. Cabbage Ph Indicator

Cabbage Ph Indicator

In this middle school science project, students will use red cabbage as a natural pH indicator to test the acidity or alkalinity of various household substances.

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4. Build a Solar Oven

Build a Solar Oven

By building these ingenious devices using simple materials, they will discover the incredible potential of renewable energy and its practical applications in everyday life.

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5. Build a Helping Hand

Build a Helping Hand

In this captivating middle school science experiment, students will have the opportunity to construct their very own “Helping Hand” device.

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6. DIY Lung Model

This captivating middle school project offers an exciting hands-on opportunity to explore the inner workings of our respiratory system.

By creating their own lung models using simple household materials, students will gain a deeper understanding of how our lungs function and the vital role they play in our bodies.

7. Flying Tea Bag

Flying Tea Bag

By harnessing the power of convection currents, students will learn about the fascinating relationship between heat and air pressure.

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8. Egg Float Experiment

Egg Float Experiment

In this captivating middle school science project, students will unlock the mysteries of density and water displacement while discovering the fascinating properties of eggs.

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9. Popsicle Stick Chain Reaction

This captivating middle school project is all about the magic of potential energy and kinetic energy. By carefully setting up a series of interlinked popsicle sticks, students will create a mesmerizing chain reaction that ripples through the entire structure.

10. How to See Sound

As they watch sound come to life through colorful visualizations, students will develop a deeper appreciation for the profound impact of sound in our daily lives.

11. Orange Peel Plate Tectonics

Orange Peel Plate Tectonics

In this captivating middle school project, students will delve into the dynamic world of Earth’s crust and explore the powerful forces that shape our planet’s surface.

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12. Heart Pump

Heart Pump

In this captivating middle school project, students will embark on a hands-on exploration of the human circulatory system and discover the marvels of the heart’s pumping mechanism.

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13. Invisible Ink

Invisible Ink

By concocting their own invisible ink, they’ll discover the science behind chemical reactions and learn how certain substances react to reveal hidden text when exposed to heat, light, or other catalysts.

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14. DIY Grow Box

DIY Grow Box

In this captivating middle school project, students will learn the wonders of plant growth and the art of nurturing a thriving garden.

By constructing their own affordable and innovative grow boxes using simple materials, they’ll have the perfect environment to observe the magical transformation from seeds to flourishing plants.

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15. Creative Ferris Wheel

By encouraging creativity and experimentation, this engaging experiment not only promises an exciting learning experience but also fosters teamwork and critical thinking

16. Alka Seltzer Rockets

Alka Seltzer Rockets

Prepare for a high-flying adventure with the Alka Seltzer Rockets science experiment! This exciting and explosive activity is a perfect choice for middle school students eager to explore the wonders of chemical reactions and rocketry.

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17. Why do Apples Turn Brown?

Through hands-on exploration, middle school students will discover the role of enzymes and oxygen in this intriguing transformation.

18. Water Bending Experiment

By understanding the principles of surface tension and cohesion, you’ll be able to create mesmerizing effects, seemingly bending water with just a piece of static material.

19. Water Clock

Water Clock

Experience the magic of timekeeping in its most ancient form with the fascinating Water Clock project! In this hands-on experiment, students will venture into the realms of history, physics, and engineering as they build their own timekeeping device using just water and a few simple materials.

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20. Paper Ball Run Challenge

Paper Ball Run Challenge

Get ready for a thrilling and creative adventure with the Paper Ball Run Challenge! In this captivating science experiment, you’ll explore the principles of motion, gravity, and engineering as you design and build your very own paper ball run.

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21. Flood Barriers

Flood Barriers

As you construct and evaluate your barriers, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how floods occur and the importance of finding effective solutions.

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22. Exploring the Law of Inertia Experiment Using a Fidget Spinner

Law of Inertia Experiment using a Fidget Spinner

This engaging experiment will help you unravel Sir Isaac Newton’s Law of Inertia in a fun and hands-on way. By using a fidget spinner, you’ll explore how the spinning motion persists due to inertia and how different factors can influence its behavior.

23. Air Pressure Impact on Ping Pong Balls 

By investigating the effects of air pressure on these lightweight spheres, you’ll uncover the secrets of flight, aerodynamics, and atmospheric pressure.

24. Rolling Uphill

In this experiment, you’ll witness the baffling phenomenon of a ball seemingly defying gravity by rolling uphill on a specially designed track.

25. Pick Up Ice with a String

Pick Up Ice with a String

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to lift ice using just a simple string? In this fascinating experiment, you’ll explore the principles of heat transfer and surface tension as you attempt to defy gravity and lift ice cubes with nothing but a string.

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26. Keep a Paper Towel Dry Under Water 

Keep a Paper Towel Dry Under Water

This captivating experiment will unveil the wonders of surface tension and hydrophobicity, as you attempt to create a barrier that defies the conventional wisdom of water soaking through paper.

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27. Upside Down Glass of Water

Upside Down Glass of Water

This mesmerizing experiment will unravel the fascinating concept of air pressure and its influence on liquids. As you turn a glass of water upside down and observe the water’s defiance of falling out, you’ll gain insight into the powerful role of air pressure in our everyday lives.

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28. Make a Wine Glass Sing

Have you ever wondered how to turn a simple glass of wine into a musical instrument? This captivating experiment will introduce you to the fascinating concept of acoustics and how sound waves interact with liquid-filled glasses.

29. Crush a Plastic Bottle

Crush a Plastic Bottle

Are you curious about the forces at play when we compress a seemingly indestructible plastic bottle? This captivating experiment will unravel the science behind how pressure and air interact to create this astonishing effect.

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30. Ruler Changes Size

Get ready to witness an optical illusion that will challenge your perception of reality. In this captivating experiment, you’ll explore the fascinating phenomenon of light refraction and how it can make objects appear different than they really are.

31. Egg in a Bottle

Egg in a Bottle

Have you ever wondered how to get an egg into a bottle without breaking it? This mesmerizing experiment will introduce you to the concept of air pressure and how it can be harnessed to achieve the impossible.

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32. Water Doesn’t Leak Out Science Experiment

Water Doesn’t Leak Out Science Experiment

This hands-on activity not only sparks curiosity and amazement but also teaches you about the properties of gases and the laws of physics.

So, get ready to be astounded and dive into the magic of science with the “Water Doesn’t Leak Out” experiment – an entertaining and enlightening adventure that will leave you thirsting for more knowledge!

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33. Pick Up a Ball with a Jar

This captivating experiment will introduce you to the fascinating concept of air pressure and how it can create a powerful force that defies gravity.

34. Glowing Water Science

This captivating experiment will introduce you to the fascinating properties of fluorescent materials and how they interact with light.

35. Fizzy Cloud Dough

Fizzy Cloud Dough

The fizzing reaction not only adds an element of excitement but also provides a great opportunity to explore the science of chemical reactions and the release of carbon dioxide.

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36. Underwater Magic Sand

Underwater Magic Sand

Welcome to the enchanting world of “Underwater Magic Sand”! Get ready to witness the marvels of hydrophobic science and explore the secrets of this captivating experiment.

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37. Make Bouncy Polymer Balls

This captivating experiment will take you on an exciting journey into the realm of polymers and chemical reactions.

38. Use a Crayon as a Candle

Crayon candle

This hands-on activity not only sparks curiosity and excitement but also offers a safe and educational way to explore the science of combustion and the flammability of materials.

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39. Flame Test Colors

Flame Test Colors

Not only does it spark curiosity and wonder but also deepens your understanding of the emission spectra of elements.

So, get ready to illuminate your scientific knowledge with the “Flame Test Colors” experiment – an educational and visually stunning adventure that will leave you dazzled and eager to discover more about the fascinating world of chemistry!

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40. Grow A Bean Plant

By planting a simple bean seed and providing it with water, sunlight, and care, you’ll witness the fascinating process of germination and watch as your bean seedling sprouts and grows.

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