10 Easy Ways to Meet People and Make Friends in College

It can be scary and difficult to meet new people, but fear not! College offers many fun and easy ways to tackle this challenge.

1. Clubs

Clubs, or student groups, can be one of the most rewarding aspects of your college experience. There are a huge variety of clubs out there, ranging from engineering focus groups, groups who volunteer abroad, groups who produce theatre, groups who discuss your favorite TV shows, groups who get together and play classic video games…the list goes on! Clubs are a great avenue to connect with people who share your passion and interests.

2. Volunteer

Volunteering is a great way to reach out and give back to the college community. There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer on or off campus. Find out which volunteer organizations work with your college, and choose one that inspires you. The work is highly rewarding, and you’ll get to meet a lot of new people in the process.

3. Intramural Sports

The high-intensity, ultra-competitive college football team may not be for you, but not to worry. Intramural sports teams offer a wonderful opportunity to play sports and have fun without the pressures of those stressful sports leagues.

People of all ability levels can find a place in intramural sports. They’re a great way to make new friends, relieve stress, and get exercise.

4. On-Campus Jobs

These jobs help students out in many ways. Work study programs are a great way to earn cash for school, and often give you much-needed study time while still on the clock. Not only that, these jobs are also a valuable social outlet. Who knows, your coworkers or customers may just become life-long friends.

5. Religious Services

Most colleges offer religious services to cater to a diverse range of students. Attending these services can bring you in contact with a large and supportive social network with ideals and values in line with your own.

6. Study Groups

It can be difficult to chat with people during class time, at least without a stern talking-to from your professor. Study groups are an excellent way to get to know your classmates; most of them will be grateful for an opportunity to improve their skills and get ready for those upcoming exams.

7. Leadership Opportunities

There’s an enormous number of opportunities for leadership in college. You could run for a leadership position in the student government or school newspaper. You might organize a volunteer project, or join the directing board of a student club or organization. Whatever the avenue you choose, leadership roles put you in contact with all the members of an organization, and will greatly expand your social circle.

8. The Yearbook Committee

Working for the yearbook committee can really supercharge your social life. It would be your job to seek out and document as many events and groups as possible, taking pictures and organizing them into something students could cherish for years. Working with a project like that, it would be difficult NOT to meet new people!

9. The School Newspaper

Your school newspaper needs writers, photographers, editors, and more. Getting involved with the school newspaper is a great way to connect with multiple areas of the school and learn what’s going on all across the campus. What’s more, you’ll probably make some new friends on the newspaper staff.

10. Start Your Own Club

So your college doesn’t offer the club you’re looking for? Start your own! Just fill out a few forms and you’ll be well on your way. Clubs don’t necessarily need to be focused on studying or career paths, either. Just look at the University of Florida’s Humans vs. Zombies club, or the MIT Assassins Guild, or the Carleton College Mustache Club.

Clubs are just a great way for students to come together and have fun, and your new club may be just what your campus needs to have a good time.

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