30 Best Science Experiments & Projects for High School

Welcome to our round-up of top science fair projects and science experiments tailored specifically for curious high school students.

Science fair is not just about the glitz and glamour of a first-place trophy; it’s about the passion, the inquiry, and the insatiable curiosity that drive every scientist, young and old. Hopefully, our curated list of the best hands-on science fair projects for high school students will ignite that curiosity in you.

Each project on this list offers a unique opportunity to dive deep into scientific inquiry and present findings with both clarity and flair.

Let’s dive in and make learning an unforgettable adventure!

1. Burn Calories

Burn Calories

Don’t miss this opportunity to unravel the mysteries of energy transformation and uncover the scientific secrets hidden in the simplest of substances!

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2. Extracting DNA from Strawberry

Extracting DNA from Strawberry

By following a series of simple yet insightful steps, students will witness the magical moment of DNA extraction, fostering a deeper appreciation for the fundamental building blocks of life.

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3. Build a Simple DIY Newton’s Cradle

As students assemble the materials and witness the rhythmic dance of swinging spheres, they will witness the scientific principles they’ve learned in the classroom come to life before their eyes.

4. Make a Monster Dry Ice Bubbles

Make a Monster Dry Ice Bubbles

Unleash your inner mad scientist and learn how to make Monster Dry Ice Bubbles with this high school science experiment!

Get ready to be captivated as you create giant, spooky bubbles that dance and swirl with the mysterious power of dry ice.

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5. Soil Erosion Experiment

Soil Erosion Experiment

As stewards of our environment, it’s crucial to comprehend the impact of natural processes like soil erosion.

Through this experiment, students will gain a deeper appreciation for the significance of soil conservation and sustainable land management practices.

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6. Candle Carousel

Candle Carousel

This experiment combines the wonders of physics with the art of crafting, making it an enriching experience that ignites curiosity and fosters a deeper appreciation for the elegant dance of energy in our world.

Learn more: Science Buddies

7. Find Out if Water Conducts Electricity

Find Out if Water Conducts Electricity

In this captivating activity, students will explore the conductive properties of water and unlock the secrets of how electrical currents flow through different substances.

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8. Roller Coaster Stem Experiment

Roller Coaster Stem Experiment

By experimenting with various designs and track configurations, students will refine their problem-solving skills and gain valuable insights into the practical applications of physics and engineering.

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9. Lemon Battery

Lemon Battery

Engaging in this experiment not only teaches the basics of electrical circuits but also sparks curiosity about the natural world and the science behind it.

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10. Watering Plants Using Different Liquids

Watering plants using different liquids

Discover the wonders of plant hydration with the intriguing high school science experiment – “Watering Plants Using Different Liquids.” In this captivating project, students explore how various liquids impact plant growth and health.

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11. Measure Electrolytes Found in Sports Drinks

By conducting a series of tests and analyses, students will quantify the electrolyte content present in various sports drinks.

12. Relight the Flame Without Directly Touching It

Relight the Flame Without Touching It

This captivating project challenges students to learn about the intriguing properties of heat transfer and combustion.

By exploring different methods to reignite a candle flame without physical contact, students will uncover the secrets of heat conduction, convection, and radiation.

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13. Conduct Fingerprint Analysis

This captivating project immerses students in the intriguing world of crime scene investigations, where they will uncover the uniqueness of fingerprints and their role in forensic science.

14. Separate Water Into Hydrogen And Oxygen Using Electrolysis

Separate Water Into Hydrogen And Oxygen Using Electrolysis

This electrifying project allows students to explore electrolysis and the decomposition of water into its elemental components.

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15. Simple Color Detection Circuit 

This experiment not only introduces fundamental concepts in electronics and circuitry but also opens up endless possibilities for real-life applications, from automated sorting systems to color-sensitive devices.

16. Carbon Sugar Snake

Carbon Sugar Snake

This enchanting project allows students to witness a dazzling display of science as they combine common household ingredients to create a dark, coiling “snake” made of carbon.

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17. Build a Hydraulic Elevator

Build a Hydraulic Elevator

This captivating project invites students to learn about engineering and fluid mechanics. By constructing a working model of a hydraulic elevator, students will explore the principles of Pascal’s law and the fascinating concept of fluid pressure.

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18. Brew up Some Root Beer

Brew up Some Root Beer

This enticing project invites students to explore the fascinating world of chemistry and fermentation while creating their own delicious and bubbly concoction.

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19. Extracting Bismuth From Pepto-Bismol Tablets

Extracting Bismuth From Pepto-Bismol Tablets

This hands-on experiment not only sheds light on the principles of chemistry and lab techniques but also highlights the real-world applications of bismuth in medicine and various industries.

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20. Solar-Powered Water Desalination

Solar-Powered Water Desalination

By designing and building a solar-powered water desalination system, students will learn how to harness the sun’s energy to purify saltwater and make it safe for consumption.

Learn more: Science Buddies

21. Applying Hooke’s Law: Make Your Own Spring Scale

By designing and constructing their very own spring scale, students will uncover the principles of Hooke’s Law and the relationship between force and displacement in a spring system.

Learn more: Science Buddies

22. Homemade Hand Warmer

Homemade Hand Warmer

By creating their own hand warmers using safe and easily accessible materials, students will witness the magic of heat generation through chemical processes.

Learn more: Steve Spangler

23. Explore the Concept of Symbiosis Involving Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria.

Delve into the concept of symbiosis involving nitrogen-fixing bacteria.

By investigating how certain plants form a mutually beneficial bond with these bacteria, students will gain insights into the essential role of nitrogen fixation in the ecosystem.

Learn more: Education.com

24. Center of Gravity Experiment

Center of Gravity Experiment

This fascinating project invites students to explore the concept of the center of gravity and its role in determining stability.

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25. Power up Homemade Batteries

Power up Homemade Batteries

This captivating project invites students to learn about electrochemistry and energy generation.

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26. Film Canister Explosions

Film Canister Explosions

Prepare for a blast of excitement and chemistry with the high school science experiment – “Film Canister Explosions!” This project teaches students about chemical reactions and pressure build-up.

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27. Investigating Osmosis with Potato Slices

This hands-on experiment not only provides a practical understanding of osmosis but also highlights its relevance in everyday life, from understanding plant hydration to food preservation techniques.

28. Make Homemade Fly Trap

This captivating “Make Homemade Fly Trap!” project invites students to explore the principles of pest control and observe the behavior of flies.

29. Hydroponics: Gardening Without Soil

This exciting project invites students to explore innovative agricultural practices that harness water and nutrient solutions to grow plants.

By setting up their hydroponic system and nurturing plants through this method, students will witness the fascinating dynamics of root development and nutrient absorption.

30. Clothespin Airplane

Clothespin Airplane

As they test and modify their creations, students will learn about the principles of lift, thrust, and drag, gaining a deeper understanding of how these forces come together to keep airplanes soaring through the skies.

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