Top 26 Watermelon Activities and Experiments for Preschoolers

Welcome to our refreshing collection of watermelon activities and experiments is created especially for the curious minds of preschoolers and young kids. This roundup is a celebration of learning, where each activity is a slice of educational fun.

From sensory play and easy crafts to simple science experiments, watermelon-based activities can help little learners discover new concepts, develop fine motor skills, and even dive into early math and science lessons

Watermelon Activities

Get ready to discover a world of delightful fun as we bring you a curated selection of the best watermelon-inspired activities, designed to keep kids entertained and engaged.

1. Origami Watermelon

Creating an origami watermelon involves the traditional Japanese art of paper folding to craft a paper representation of a watermelon. While various origami watermelon designs exist, a simple one could include folding a green and red paper to mimic the outer rind and inner flesh of a watermelon.

2. Watermelon Memory Game Cards

Watermelon Memory Game Cards

This engaging game will not only entertain students but also enhance their cognitive abilities, sharpen their memory, and improve their focus and concentration.

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3. Watermelon Squish Bag

Watermelon Squish Bag

By creating their very own squishy watermelon bag, kids will dive into a world of tactile stimulation and relaxation. Embrace the joy of squeezing and squishing as you immerse yourself in this delightful and stress-relieving activity.

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4. Paint a Watermelon

Paint a Watermelon

Painting a watermelon involves using paints to create a visual representation of this juicy and vibrant fruit on paper or canvas. Children can use various painting techniques to capture the distinctive green rind, red flesh, and black seeds.

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5. Learn Fractions with Watermelons

Learn Fractions with Watermelons

Learning fractions with watermelons involves a hands-on and visual approach where students explore and understand fractions using watermelon slices. This activity allows them to physically partition the watermelon, gaining a tangible understanding of concepts like halves, quarters, and more.

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6. Watermelon Story Sequencing

Watermelon Story Sequencing

In this delightful adventure, students will piece together the stages of a watermelon’s journey, from seed to fruit, using interactive story cards.

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7. Heart Watermelon

In this fun and hands-on experience, students will learn the art of carving watermelons into heart shapes, perfect for special occasions or spreading love to family and friends.

8. Hand Print Watermelon

Hand Print Watermelon

In this creative adventure, students will use their own handprints to craft vibrant watermelon designs, turning their hands into juicy masterpieces.

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9. Watermelon Juice

Watermelon Juice

In this culinary journey, students will learn how to prepare delectable watermelon juice while discovering the nutritional benefits of this juicy fruit.

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10. Watermelon Bookmark

In this hands-on adventure, students will create adorable watermelon-themed bookmarks, adding a touch of summer to their reading adventures.

11. DIY Watermelon Hand Fans

In this fun and functional activity that will keep you cool in style! In this creative venture, students will design and craft their very own hand fans with a delightful watermelon twist.

12. Watermelon Garland

Watermelon Garland

This delightful activity combines creativity and science as students embark on a journey to design their very own watermelon-themed garlands.

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13. Watermelon Sponge Painting

Watermelon Sponge Painting

This colorful and creative activity allows students to explore the world of art using sponges and paints to create beautiful watermelon-themed masterpieces.

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14. Watermelon Painted Rocks

Watermelon Painted Rocks

Experience the fusion of art and nature with Watermelon Painted Rocks! This exciting activity combines the joy of painting with the natural beauty of rocks, allowing students to transform ordinary stones into adorable watermelon-themed creations

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15. Watermelon Pinwheel Craft

Watermelon Pinwheel Craft

This delightful activity combines the fun of crafting with the refreshing theme of watermelons. Students will enjoy designing and assembling their own colorful pinwheels that spin in the breeze, making them a perfect addition to any sunny day.

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16. DIY Watermelon Squishy Toy

DIY Watermelon Squishy Toy

This hands-on activity allows students to create their own soft and squishy watermelon-shaped toys from scratch. It’s a fantastic way to explore sensory play while learning about materials, textures, and shapes.

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17. DIY Handpainted Watermelon Flower Pot

DIY Handpainted Watermelon Flower Pot

This exciting activity combines the joy of painting with the practicality of gardening, as students get to design and decorate their own unique flower pots in the delightful watermelon theme.

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19. Puffy Paint Watermelon

Puffy Paint Watermelon

This engaging activity allows students to create their own puffy paint and use it to craft a vibrant watermelon artwork. As they watch the paint puff up and dry, students will experience a unique and tactile painting experience.

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20. Watermelon Play Dough

Watermelon Play Dough

This delightful activity lets students create their very own play dough with a refreshing watermelon twist. By mixing colors and scents, students will enjoy a multisensory experience that sparks creativity and imagination.

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Watermelon Experiments

Prepare to unleash your inner scientist and explore the wonders of watermelon in a whole new way. This collection contains captivating experiments that will engage your senses and challenge your understanding of this beloved fruit.

21. Grow Watermelon Seeds in A Jar

Through this journey, they will learn valuable lessons about biology, the importance of care and patience, and the magic of nature’s life cycle.

22. Liquid Nitrogen Vs Watermelon

In this eye-opening activity, students will witness the astonishing effects of liquid nitrogen on a watermelon, observing its transformation into a frozen wonder.

23. Exploding Watermelon

Exploding Watermelon

This hands-on display of chemical reactions will ignite their curiosity about acids, bases, and the science behind this explosive spectacle.

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24. Watermelon Slime

Watermelon Slime

Watermelon slime is a sensory and hands-on activity where children can create a squishy and stretchy slime that resembles the vibrant colors of a watermelon.

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25. Watermelon and Rubber Band

The “Watermelon and Rubber Band” experiment is an exciting and explosive demonstration that combines simple materials to create a spectacular result.

By wrapping rubber bands tightly around a watermelon, students can observe the increasing pressure inside the fruit until it bursts open dramatically.

26. Watermelon Kinetic Play Sand

Watermelon Kinetic Play Sand

Watermelon kinetic play sand is a sensory play activity where children engage with a special type of sand that has a kinetic or moldable quality. Typically colored to resemble watermelon hues, this play sand allows children to mold, shape, and create imaginative scenes.

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