Top 30 Music Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten Kids

Welcome to a world of rhythm, melody, and laughter – where little ones embark on a fun journey through the realm of music!

Introducing preschoolers to music is not just about creating future musicians; it’s about fostering an environment where creativity, expression, and rhythmical patterns enhance cognitive development, emotional well-being, and social skills.

The music activities chosen to this round up are more than just entertainment; they are carefully orchestrated to introduce young learners to the joys of music while developing fine motor skills, improving memory, and encouraging musical expression.

1. Popsicle Sticks Harmonica

Popsicle Sticks Harmonica

A Popsicle Sticks Harmonica is a simple and interactive DIY music project where students create a harmonica using popsicle sticks, rubber bands, and small pieces of paper.

This hands-on activity not only encourages creativity but also introduces basic principles of sound and musical instruments.

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2. Jingle Bell Sticks

Jingle Bell Sticks

Designed to harmoniously blend music and craft, this interactive experience introduces children to the joy of creating their very own musical instruments.

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3. DIY Tin Can Drums

DIY Tin Can Drums

Introduce your preschooler to the captivating world of rhythm and sound with our “DIY Tin Can Drums” activity! This hands-on musical adventure invites children to unleash their inner percussionist by transforming ordinary tin cans into extraordinary drums

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4. The Tissue Dance

Join us in this whimsical dance adventure, where laughter and learning intertwine, inspiring young hearts to embrace the magic of dance and music.

5. Homemade Pan Flute

Homemade Pan Flute

This hands-on musical exploration introduces children to the enchanting world of wind instruments through crafting their very own pan flute.

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6. Musical Shakers

Musical Shakers

This hands-on musical journey invites children to craft their very own shakers, turning ordinary objects into extraordinary instruments.

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7. The Plate Dance 

The Plate Dance 

Join us in this enchanting dance adventure, where laughter and learning intertwine, inspiring young hearts to embrace the magic of movement and music.

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8. Xylophone Craft 

Xylophone Craft 

Students create their xylophones, fostering creativity while learning about musical notes and sound production.

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9. Easy Musical Sensory Bins

Easy Musical Sensory Bins

This hands-on experience invites children to engage their senses while discovering the magic of music.

By combining everyday objects with rhythm and sound, kids embark on a journey of creativity and cognitive development.

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10. Hand Percussion Game

This interactive musical journey combines the joy of percussion instruments with an engaging game format.

11. Make a Bell Bush

Make a Bell Bush

By adorning branches with tinkling bells, kids create a mesmerizing symphony of gentle sounds that dance in the breeze.

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12. DIY Shaker Eggs

DIY Shaker Eggs

As they design, decorate, and shake their personalized shaker eggs, kids not only explore the delightful world of sound and rhythm but also engage in a rewarding DIY project that sparks their creativity.

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13. Musical Imitation Games

Musical Imitation Games

Designed to be both entertaining and educational, this interactive experience introduces children to the exciting world of music while enhancing their listening and imitation skills

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14. Make Cymbals at Home

Crafting cymbals at home is a simple yet enjoyable DIY project. Start by using two sturdy, flat objects like metal lids or thick plastic circles. Attach them securely with a string or wire in the center, ensuring a clear ringing sound.

15. Make a Rattle Drum

Make a Rattle Drum

This activity “Make a Rattle Drum” combines creativity and sound exploration. Students craft their percussion instrument using simple materials like a container and beads or small objects.

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16. DIY Water Xylophone Activity

DIY Water Xylophone Activity

In the DIY Water Xylophone activity, students create their xylophone using glasses filled with varying amounts of water. By tapping the glasses, they produce different musical notes based on the water levels.

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17. DIY Maracas

In this DIY Maracas activity, students craft their percussion instruments using materials like empty plastic containers, rice, or dried beans. This creative project not only allows for artistic expression but also introduces the concept of rhythm and sound.

18. Tissue Box Guitar

By transforming ordinary cardboard boxes into unique guitars, children not only nurture their artistic talents but also develop fine motor skills and spatial awareness while assembling their instruments.

19. DIY Rainbow Xylophones

DIY Rainbow Xylophones

This enchanting endeavor combines the world of art and music, inviting young learners to craft their very own xylophones while exploring the vibrant hues of the rainbow.

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20. Paper Plate Kalimba

Paper Plate Kalimba

Through the creative process of assembling and decorating their kalimbas, children engage their artistic talents and fine motor skills, transforming simple objects into instruments of wonder.

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21. Pin Strummer

This interactive and affordable project not only fosters creativity but also reinforces scientific concepts in a playful manner. Encourage teachers and parents to introduce Pin Strummer to their students, promoting a dynamic learning experience that combines science and music, making education both enjoyable and enriching.

22. DIY Match Guitar

This engaging activity introduces young learners to the world of sound and creativity as they transform a humble matchbox into a unique and playful guitar.

23. Make a Bop-o-phone

Make a Bop-o-phone

Spark your preschooler’s imagination and rhythm with the enchanting “Make a Bop-o-phone” activity. This hands-on endeavor invites young learners to craft their very own musical instrument, awakening their creativity and fostering a deep connection to the world of music.

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24. Make Coffee Can Drums

Make Coffee Can Drums

Through the joyous process of assembling, decorating, and drumming, children not only enhance their fine motor skills and artistic expression but also ignite a lifelong love for rhythmic exploration.

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25. Chicken in a Cup Noise Maker

Chicken in a Cup Noise Maker

This delightful activity invites young learners to combine art and sound as they create their own quirky noise-making instruments using simple materials.

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26. Song Cubes

Song Cubes

The “Song Cubes” activity not only encourages active participation but also promotes collaboration and communication as children come together to create harmonious tunes.

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27. Fun Musical Games with Ping Pongs

Fun Musical Games with Ping Pongs

Transform traditional activities like rhythm exercises, pitch recognition, or team competitions by incorporating ping pong balls.

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28. Coffee Filter Vinyl Record Craft

Coffee Filter Vinyl Record Craft

Through the process of assembly and embellishment, children not only enhance their fine motor skills but also dive into the world of imaginative play and self-expression.

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29. Cardboard Roll Sparkly Microphone

Cardboard Roll Sparkly Microphone

As they hold their dazzling microphones and unleash their inner rock stars, students not only build confidence and stage presence but also develop a deeper appreciation for the world of sound and performance.

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30. Chicka Chicka Boom

Chicka Chicka Boom

This interactive adventure invites young learners to explore letters, sounds, and movement in a playful and memorable way.

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