Minority Scholarships - How Can They Benefit You?

by Becton Loveless

Minority status is not only designated to people because of their ethnic background or race. People are also given minority status when their specific minority status, whether it be religious or racial, is different than less than 50 percent of others in the community, state, or nation. Minority scholarships are sponsored by a variety of organizations to assist people from particular groups. For example, a Catholic organization could offer scholarships available for Catholic students or an Italian-American organization could assist students with Italian ancestors.

Since women are classified as minorities, there are multiple types of scholarships available for women. Many organizations award scholarships to women enrolled in certain majors. This provides more women with the opportunity of attending college.

Minority scholarships are not only awarded to students with good grades, or those with parents unable to pay for their education. Applications frequently request information about grades and finances, but many organizations will take into account other factors when making award decisions, such as extra-curricular activity and community service participation.

Even if you cannot be classified as an ethnic or racial minority, there is probably a minority scholarship you qualify for. Minority designations are not only relegated to these two groups.

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