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Top 10 Tips for Writing Effective Scholarship Essays

As you will learn after conducting some research about scholarships, most students applying for them are required to write essays describing their qualifications and educational goals. In many cases, scholarship committees heavily weigh personal essays when making award decisions, even when numerous students with high grades and test scores are applying. Scholarship committees emphasize the personal essay since it helps them better understand what drives students and what they hope to achieve.

Additionally, scholarship committees heavily weigh personal essays into award decisions since it makes it possible for students from different ethnic, academic, and cultural backgrounds to have an opportunity of receiving a scholarship. Also, since many students applying for scholarships have similar grades and test scores, personal essays are often used to make award decisions.

If you must write a personal essay, remember that it provides you with the chance to show scholarship committees what makes you unique and why you deserve an award. A high quality essay will distinguish you from the competition. Write an essay that is clear, original, and persuasive. If the committee likes it, you will more than likely receive a scholarship award.

10 Tips for Writing Effective Scholarship Essays
  • Carefully read the essay instructions and do not proceed until you fully understand what is being asked of you.

  • Brainstorm ideas.

  • Prepare an outline before writing anything.

  • When preparing an outline, jot done ideas that adequately address all the questions being asked.

  • Write an essay that fully describes the ideas jotted down in the outline.

  • Use simple, clear, and grammatically correct sentences.

  • When detailing academic achievements, be confident without sounding boastful.

  • Thoroughly review the essay for spelling errors, typos, poor syntax, and grammatical errors.

  • Before submitting your essay, review it and reread the questions to ensure you adequately addressed them.

  • Ask a colleague, professor, or anyone else with effective writing skills to review your essay to offer suggestions.
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