Should You Pursue an Online Degree?

It's not uncommon for workers to reach a point in their careers where they cannot advance any further. Employers often seek to promote workers with advanced degrees or specialized skills. It can be a great disappointment for experienced workers to miss out on a promotion because they do not have a college degree.

However, with the growth of online college programs, there are more opportunities than ever for working professionals to acquire more education. Many online universities are now offering bachelor's, master's, PhD, and online certification programs. Since the Internet is accessible for most people, anyone can enroll in an online college program. There are also a variety of programs to select from, including information technology, business management, accounting, nursing, and many others.

Advantages of Online Education

Most adults cannot begin, or re-enter, college because they have full-time jobs and other responsibilities. In many cases, it's difficult for them to enroll in campus programs catering to working professionals. This is one reason for the growing popularity of online college programs since students can complete courses at their convenience.

Working professionals are often required to travel or work late nights. This can make it difficult for someone to schedule time to return to school. However, students enrolled in online programs can complete their education at anytime and anyplace. This is even true for people living in foreign countries. Online programs are making it possible for working professionals to acquire work experience while they obtain more education, which can ultimately position them to receive future promotions.

The Value of Education

Employers should not be blamed or looked down upon for highly valuing educated workers. Many college programs are designed for students seeking to acquire specialized skills and prepare for certain careers. Companies rely on workers with specialized skills and training to perform vital tasks, which can often only be learned in college.

Specialized training can be acquired through an online program. Enrolling in an online college program can be an investment that pays off later in the future. If costs are a concern, many financial aid programs are available for students struggling financially and U.S. military active and retired service members.

Online Degrees vs. Traditional Programs

Many working professionals, especially those who've never attended or finished college, are concerned about the credibility of online college programs. Although this is a concern, it's a common misnomer that education offered through online programs is inferior. These programs are challenging and developed specifically for working professionals. Often, when online programs are developed, educators collaborate with industry leaders to make sure programs adequately train and prepare students for real world situations they will encounter in the workforce.

Technology designed to deliver educational content has evolved to the point where high quality education is available without infringing upon accessibility. Since many organizations highly value employees with technology skills, earning a degree online can be very beneficial. Many companies are impressed when employees take the initiative to acquire more skills and education. However, unless workers are only seeking to add a specific skill, they should be sure to enroll in an accredited online program. Schools must adhere to high standards and have state of the art facilities to become accredited.

Enhance Your Career Prospects

The growth of online universities has increased the accessibility of college education for more people, and made it possible for working professionals with family responsibilities to acquire more education at their convenience.

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