Highest Paying Jobs You Can Get with an Online Degree

An online degree can be a lucrative investment. In fact, it's possible to land a job worth $100,000 a year or more with an online degree. Here are some of the highest paying jobs that can begin with an online degree, according to a survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Marketing Manager

Whether they're handling individual projects for a larger marketing firm, or whether they're responsible for the marketing of an entire organization, marketing managers hold valuable positions of influence in most companies and corporations. An online degree in Marketing, Business, or Communications can start you down the path to this profession.

Financial Manager

Financial managers are invaluable resources for any company or individual. They help people manage their finances and make wise investments, thereby creating more wealth for everyone involved. Online degrees in Finance, Economics, or Mathematics can lead to a position as a financial manager.

Computer and Information Systems Manager

Any company with a computer system needs a computer and information systems manager. These professionals monitor complex computer systems, making improvements and fixing problems when necessary. If you're interested in this profession, look for an online degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or Management Information Systems.

Computer and Information Scientist (Emphasis on Research)

These professionals are the brains behind the evolution of technology. Their job is to study computer systems and the theory of computing, and to create new ways for computers to solve problems more effectively. An online degree in Computer Science will get you started on your way toward this career.

Air Traffic Controller

A very important and valuable profession indeed, entry-level air traffic controller jobs require a bachelor's degree in any subject.

Political Scientist

Political scientists play key roles in the realms of elections, political parties, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Their job is to research public opinion and influence political trends. Online degrees in Political Science are available from a large number of online schools.

Sales Manager

Sales managers use their knowledge to increase their company's revenue and manage teams of salespeople. Online degrees in Marketing, Business, or Communications can lead to a successful career as a sales manager.

Chief Executive

These corporate head honchos must have a keen business sense and a knack for problem solving. To become a chief executive, an online degree in Economics or Business is a great place to start.

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