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Vocabulary Building Strategies

Being able to effectively communicate is a very important skill to develop. Effective communicators are highly sought after by many organizations and companies. People are often judged by their vocabulary, whether negative or positive. For this reason, you should actively work to improve your vocabulary.

These strategies will help you enhance your vocabulary:
  • Regular Reading
    People with extensive vocabularies are usually constantly reading. New words are picked up by reading books, magazines, and other publications. One way to develop an extensive vocabulary is to read publications covering various subjects. Instead of consulting a dictionary every time you encounter an unfamiliar word, try to determine word meanings by evaluating the context of the sentence and surrounding words. Clues in surrounding sentences can also help you decipher word meanings.

  • Make It Personal
    Relating words to your life will make them easier to remember. The best way to do this is to associate new learned words with people you know, places your familiar with, or important events in your life. Many people rhyme new words they learn with familiar ones for memory retention. The best way to remember new vocabulary words is through creative strategies you develop.

  • Employ Word Games
    Utilizing word games is an effective strategy for increasing vocabulary. Since games are fun, people usually devote more time studying when it's enjoyable. The following links provide access to vocabulary word games.
    • Shockwave -
    • Gamehouse -
    • Yahoo! Games -
    • Terragame -
  • Word Repetition
    One of the best ways to increase vocabulary is through repetition. Throughout the day, continually repeat a word you're trying to learn to embed within your memory. You can also write down a word multiple times on a piece of paper to memorize it. Another strategy frequently used to memorize new words is by creating a sentence with the new word in it.

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