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The Forgetting Curve

Reviewing notes in detail following each class, or at minimum sometime during the day before you go to bed, will greatly increase your ability to recall what you've learned, as the graph shows. At the end of nine weeks, those students reviewed their notes within a day recalled about 75% of what they'd been taught. Those students who did not review their notes following class were not able to recall even 50% of the information covered during the lecture after one day and only slightly than 20% of the information nine weeks later.

The fact of the matter is that we learn and remember through repetition. During your review of your notes we also recommend that you add any additional information you recall from class lecture or add questions in the margines to help you study the material later. During your review of your notes you may also find that you don't understand some of the information you wrote down and that need to ask the professor, TA or another student for clarification.

Forgetting Curve Graph

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