For Profit Colleges Changing the Landscape of Higher Education

    Many adult students today are now enrolling in career colleges rather than traditional four-year colleges and universities.
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Benefits of Earning a College Degree

    Pursuing a college education is about creating new opportunities in life. It prepares you, both intellectually and socially, for your career and your adult life.
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Community Colleges: Myth vs. Reality

    There are many misconceptions about community colleges. For starters, community colleges are not inferior to traditional four-year colleges and universities.
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College-Educated Households Hold Increasing Proportion of Income

    New research suggests college educations are paying big dividends, and that a growing percentage of income is going to households headed by college graduates.
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Higher Education Resources

Higher education, also known as tertiary education, and often referred to as post-secondary education, occurs primarily at four-year colleges and universities. However, higher education also includes various other post-secondary institutions, such as community colleges, career colleges, vocational schools and institutes of technology. Higher education institutions award degrees and professional certfications.

Explore a comprehensive selection of higher education resources, articles, and guides, including a searchable database of over 7,000 U.S. based colleges, universities, community colleges and technical schools.

Higher Education Programs & Institutions

Colleges, Universities & Vocational Schools
Explore 7,000 colleges, universities, community colleges, technical institutes, and vocational schools offering advanced degree and certification programs.

College Admissions

The College Admissions Process
Get into the college of your dreams! Learn all about college admissions - SAT and ACT exams, AP courses, college essays and more.


Scholarships & Grants
Academic, merit, and need-based scholarships, grants and fellowships for college students.

Financial Aid

Student Financial Aid & Assistance
Explore financial aid and assistance programs sponsored by education institutions, government agencies, and private organizations.
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