Top 10 College Majors

Before deciding upon a major, consider what you want to spend your career doing. Some people select a major unrelated to their future career. However, many students select majors that will prepare them for future jobs, such as nursing, accounting, and engineering.

Students uninterested in specific career training should consider selecting a major that will provide them with a broad range of skills and knowledge, such as liberal arts majors, which includes English, humanities, history, and many other subjects. Students will develop various skills, including writing, communication, and critical thinking skills, while enrolled in a liberal arts program.

The following undergraduate programs were the most popular among college and university students during 2009. If you're struggling with the decision regarding your undergraduate major, consider one of these options:

1. Business Administration and Management

Business administration and management is a great major for natural leaders and highly driven goal-oriented people.

Business managers are responsible for supervising workers and company resources. They must also keep themselves informed about business and technology trends, so they can make educated business planning decisions for the future. In addition to making smart business decisions, effective managers must have the ability to encourage and get the most out of others.

Classes you'll probably take: organizational behavior, various courses on economics and business management, and leadership

Career options: financial advisor, venture capitalist, stock broker, and management consultant

2. Psychology

Are you interested in what drives and influences human behavior? Do you find the concept of human personality fascinating? If this is the case, then you should consider majoring in psychology. You will learn about what influences and motivates human behavior, how personality is influenced by a person's surroundings, and mental health disorders.

Psychologists need more than just effective communication and counseling skills; they must also have strong analytical and research skills.

Classes you'll probably take: social psychology, memory retention and cognition, and child, adolescent, and adult development

Career options: marketing strategist, social worker, counselor, or criminologist

3. Elementary Education and Teaching

Teachers have a major influence in many people's lives. They help young people develop a love of learning and inspire them to reach their goals. If you love teaching young children, you should consider majoring in elementary education.

Many schools offer specialized elementary education majors, such as early childhood development, math, and language arts. However, most elementary teachers are responsible for teaching students a broad range of subjects. Working with young children can be very difficult, but most teachers learn and grow tremendously from their experiences teaching children.

Classes you'll probably take: educational psychology, class management, children's literature, and early childhood development

Career options: librarian, administrator, teacher, daycare worker

4. Nursing

Nurses are intricate to the functioning of good hospitals and health clinics. Wherever healthcare is administered, nurses can be found. Nurses administer basic healthcare, assist patients recovering from serious injuries, and comfort people near death or coping with chronic pain.

Since nurses are constantly in demand, it will not be difficult finding a job after graduation. There are more nurses than other healthcare workers throughout the country.

Classes you'll probably take: physiology, biology, human anatomy, nutrition, and biochemistry

Career options: nurse, hospice nurse, paramedic, and other healthcare related jobs

5. Biology/Biological Sciences

Biology is the study of life processes and reproduction. Biologists are also concerned about how environments affect the physical development of animals and living beings.

Biology majors can usually specialize in biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, and numerous other specialties. One of the major focuses of biology is the human and animal cell.

Completing a biology undergraduate degree can open the doors to many professions since students will acquire various skills through the course of their studies.

Classes you'll probably take: various math courses, genetics, and evolution

Career options: ecologist, pharmacist, veterinarian, and lab researcher

6. Education

Teachers play an important role in everyone's life. It would be difficult for people to reach their school and career goals without the assistance of teachers.

Skilled teaches will always be in high demand since teaching methodology is constantly changing to meet the needs of modern students. School districts are always recruiting innovative, creative, and considerate teachers.

Classes you'll probably take: teaching methods, early childhood and adolescent development, and educational psychology

Career options: school administrator, school counselor, and teacher

7. English Language and Literature

English majors can be found in various careers since all English majors do not become writers. Some turn their love of writing into lucrative writing careers, but most English majors use the analytical and writing skills developed during their studies and apply them to other fields.

Every English program places strong emphasis on writing, which can be utilized in any job. English majors get the opportunity to read classic literature, which is a great way for people interested in learning more about history, human development, and the values and beliefs of previous eras.

Classes you'll probably take: British and American literature, literary criticism, and critical theory

Career options: technical writer, attorney, and newspaper or magazine editor

8. Political Science and Government

Although political science programs do not prepare students for specific careers, they develop skills during their studies that prepare them to succeed in various jobs.

Because political science majors focus more on theoretical questions rather than facts, students will develop analytical skills, which are highly sought after by employers.

Students enrolled in political science programs study public policy, political theory, and political history. As a result, students spend a considerable amount of time reading, researching, preparing written essays, and analyzing data.

Classes you'll probably take: foreign policy, political philosophy, constitutional law, and comparative government

Career options: U.S. State Department diplomat, reporter, attorney, or professor

6. Economics

Economists make future economic projections, research the consequences of government spending on the economy, work as financial advisors, and provide numerous other services.

Taking basic courses in economics is essential for a well-rounded education, but it is also a great way to develop a better understanding of the globalized economy. Economists must possess strong analytical and logical, math, and computer skills.

Classes you'll probably take: micro and macro economics, statistics, business management, calculus, and accounting

Career options: economist, financial advisor, stock or bond trader, professor, and marketing specialist

10. Marketing/Marketing Management

Professionals in the marketing industry conduct research to understand consumer trends and use what they learn to market products and services to potential customers. Often, marketing managers develop advertising campaigns to target specific consumers in the United States and around the world.

Marketing and marketing management are majors that have numerous practical applications in the workforce. Through the course of one of these programs, students will develop logic, analytical, and communication skills, as well as becoming more creative.

Classes you'll probably take: finance, various economics courses, sales management, and consumer behavior

Career options: marketing executive, public relations specialist, publicist, advertising consultant

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