Stanford University Graduate School of Management

The Graduate School of Management at Stanford Univeristy offers aspiring business students the opportunity to earn a world-class MBA in a variety of disciplines including accounting, entrepreneurship, e-commerce, production management, general management, healthcare administration, finance, economics, leadership, sports business, supply chain management, technology, and much more. One of the main focuses of the Stanford MBA program is leadership. Students are required to tackle challenging management cases and each year the school hosts The View From the Top–a speaker series that brings together leaders of major corporations from around the world to educate and speak with students.

With an admission rate of just over 7% (an all time low), Stanford University's Graduate School of Business (GSB) is one of the most selective business programs in the nation. This year, Stanford GSB also reported the highest GMAT scores ever for an incoming class of MBAs: 733–up one point from last year. Wharton School of Business came in a class second with an average GMAT score of 732 for its incoming class. Stanford business students are among the top 4% percent of all GMAT test takers. Another reason you might consider attending Stanford GBS? Well, its pretty much guaranteed that you'll find a great job after you graduate. Nearly 74% of graduates have a job offer by the time they graduate and over 91% of graduates have a job offer within 3 months of having graduated–and the first year starting salary for Stanford grads averages over $142,800 a year.

Stanford GSB vs Harvard Business School

Stanford and Harvard are the two undisputed powerhouses when it comes to graduate level business education–they're the two best business schools in world. Given their prestige and status, it's no wonder that these schools have among the lowest admission rates of any business schools in the nation. It's also not surprising the many of the same candidates that apply to Stanford Graduate School of Business also apply to Harvard Business School and vice versa. When Stanford is passed over by accepted applicants, more often than not these applicants are accepting an offer to attend Harvard. When Harvard is passed over by accepted applicants, more often than not these applicants are accepting an offer at Stanford.

So what distinguishing these two schools from each other? Well, they're both top notch schools and unquestionably they both provide a world-class business education. You really can't go wrong with either school. However, Stanford is well known as the place for those with an entrepreneurial flare that want to participate in a startup. The founders of Google, Yahoo!, Twitter, and Hewlett-Packard were all Stanford Grads and startups looking for young talent often recruit at Stanford. Harvard on the other hand is known as the school for those interested in a more traditional career path in business who want to work in a corporate environment for top Fortune 500 companies. It's not to say that Stanford grads don't work in corporate America, because they do, and many Harvard grads go on to pursue successful entrepreneurial endeavors and start their own companies.

Core Metrics

  • GMAT: 732
  • GPA: 3.74
  • Acceptance Rate: 7.1%
  • Starting salary: $142,834
  • Pre-MBA salary: $86,000
  • % of students with jobs at graduation: 73.6%
  • % of students with jobs 3 months after graduation: 91.1%
  • 5-year MBA gain: $89,100
  • Years to payback: 4
  • Tuition & fees:: $127,000

Programs of Study

Students attending the Graduate School of Management (GSM) at Stanford can earn either an MBA or Ph.D. in Management in one of seven areas of concentration. Stanford GSM also offers a MSx Program–an intensive 12 month Master of Science in Management degree program. All Stanfords graduate level business programs are full-time. The school does not offer online, part-time or evening options for earning a degree. The school does however offer several joint or dual degree programs in law, engineering, medicine and education. In addition to traditional business degree options, Stanford GSM offers 30 cross-school elective courses and a few specialty business training programs.

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