Social Sciences College Majors and Degree Programs

Social sciences programs investigate social systems, institutions, and behavior. From sociology to economics, political science to cultural anthropology, social sciences study how individuals, groups, and societies around the globe interact with and relate to each other. Such study may include historical, economic, communicative, anthropological, or psychological factors. This makes the social sciences a broad area of study, which may be used as an umbrella term encompassing anthropology, political science, sociology, psychology and economics. However, these studies may also include much more humanistic topics like archeology, communications, folklore, or history. Available careers include public administration, international affairs, environmental studies, business, social work, criminology, politics, and more.

Social Sciences, General Research Methodology and Quantitative Methods Anthropology Physical and Biological Anthropology Cultural Anthropology Anthropology, Other Archeology Criminology Demography and Population Studies Economics, General Applied Economics Econometrics and Quantitative Economics Development Economics and International Development International Economics Economics, Other Geography Geographic Information Science and Cartography Geography, Other International Relations and Affairs National Security Policy Studies International Relations and National Security Studies, Other Political Science and Government, General American Government and Politics (united States) Political Economy Political Science and Government, Other Sociology Urban Studies/affairs Sociology and Anthropology Rural Sociology Social Sciences, Other
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