Science Technologies/technicians College Majors and Degree Programs

If you want to be involved in the kind of scientific research and development that can change lives, you should consider programs in the science technologies. Students will be able to apply the principles and technical skills they learn to support research and development in a variety of interesting scientific fields. Graduates will be prepared with knowledge of standard laboratory practices, testing and inspection techniques, lab equipment and maintenance, sample handling protocol, and various industry-specific computer applications. For example, rewarding and essential careers are available as laboratory technicians in biological, forensic, or radiological fields as well as nuclear power or chemical plants. If you want to be involved in developing cutting-edge technologies or research but aren't interested in an advanced degree, these careers can offer significant rewards.

Biology Technician/biotechnology Laboratory Technician Industrial Radiologic Technology/technician Nuclear/nuclear Power Technology/technician Nuclear and Industrial Radiologic Technologies/technicians, Other Chemical Technology/technician Physical Science Technologies/technicians, Other Science Technologies/technicians, Other
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