Precision Production Trades College Majors and Degree Programs

Those interested in manufacturing or industrial careers should be looking at college and degree programs in the precision production trades. Students will gain and learn to apply their technical knowledge and precise technical craftsmanship in the actual creation of many different products or components. Students may choose programs in things like machine tool technology, welding, ironworks, upholstery, computer-controlled machinery, metal fabrication, woodworking, even furniture design. If you like working with your hands and seeing the immediate, tangible results of skilled labor, these programs might be for you. The precision production trades may also be well suited to those who would like to run their own business in industries like cabinetmaking or furniture manufacturing.

Upholstery/upholsterer Shoe, Boot and Leather Repair Leatherworking and Upholstery, Other Machine Tool Technology/machinist Machine Shop Technology/assistant Sheet Metal Technology/sheetworking Tool and Die Technology/technician Welding Technology/welder Ironworking/ironworker Computer Numerically Controlled (cnc) Machinist Technology/cnc Machinist Metal Fabricator Precision Metal Working, Other Woodworking, General Furniture Design and Manufacturing Cabinetmaking and Millwork Woodworking, Other Boilermaking/boilermaker Precision Production, Other
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