Multi-/interdisciplinary Studies College Majors and Degree Programs

Not every area of study has to stand alone in higher education. There are many different majors and degree programs with unifying elements that integrate well with other fields. For this reason, most collegiate institutions offer some interdisciplinary study programs. For example, mathematics and computer science is a very popular interdisciplinary program, as well as biological/physical science and even accounting and computer science. In the humanities, you have programs such as medieval and renaissance studies, classical studies and archeology, multicultural and diversity studies, and more. Since many of today's career options demand a wider breadth of knowledge on related topics, interdisciplinary programs are gaining in popularity and demand.

Biological and Physical Sciences Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution Systems Science and Theory Mathematics and Computer Science Biopsychology Gerontology Historic Preservation and Conservation Cultural Resource Management and Policy Analysis Historic Preservation and Conservation, Other Medieval and Renaissance Studies Museology/museum Studies Science, Technology and Society Accounting and Computer Science Behavioral Sciences Natural Sciences Nutrition Sciences International/global Studies Holocaust and Related Studies Ancient Studies/civilization Classical, Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies and Archaeology Intercultural/multicultural and Diversity Studies Cognitive Science Cultural Studies/critical Theory and Analysis Human Biology Dispute Resolution Maritime Studies Computational Science Human Computer Interaction Marine Sciences Sustainability Studies Multi-/interdisciplinary Studies, Other
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