Internships - Want A Hire Paying Job?

A recent survey discovered that nearly half of all companies looking to fill entry-level jobs are more willing to offer higher starting salaries to graduates who've completed an internship. Companies are looking to recruit more graduate with applicable job skills developed through work experience or internships.

The National Association of College and Employers (NACE) has reported that companies are willing to pay new employees who've completed internships higher starting salaries because they usually demonstrate more maturity, know how to work hard, are able to work well with groups, and have a better understanding of what to expect in the workforce. Many employees with internship experience also have experience working with customers.

Students interested in an internship should contact their school's career placement center. Career placement services help students find jobs after graduation, learn job searching and resume preparation skills, and get into contact with alumni. Career placement centers are also great places to find information about companies that are hiring.

More students are completing internships to distinguish themselves from the competition in the job market. Since more students are showing interest in internships, it's becoming more difficult to acquire an internship, but students unable to find an internship can pay a fee to obtain one.

Graduates must do everything possible to set themselves apart from other graduates competing for scarce jobs. Competition for internships will also become more intense in the near future, so begin looking early during the school year for potential summer internships.

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