English Language and Literature/letters College Majors and Degree Programs

English language and literature college majors and degree programs focus on the structure and use of the English language. They might study dialects, speech, writing, and other aspects of the literatures and cultures of English-speaking societies. People who study English might focus on fields such as general literature, creative writing, technical or business writing, rhetoric, American or English/British literature, children's or adolescent literature, and more. An English degree prepares students for an array of careers in creative and business fields. If you want a career as a novelist, copywriter, journalist, or technical writer, an English degree would serve you well. It will also help those want to teach literature or English on a secondary or higher education level. In any career, whether communications, technology, or the arts, there will always be demand for those who have a way with words.

English Language and Literature, General Writing, General Creative Writing Professional, Technical, Business, and Scientific Writing Rhetoric and Composition Rhetoric and Composition/writing Studies, Other General Literature American Literature (united States) English Literature (british and Commonwealth) Children's and Adolescent Literature Literature, Other English Language and Literature/letters, Other
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