Who Should Take Distance Learning Courses?

Motivated individuals with a good work ethic are ideal distance learning students. These individuals usually enroll in online programs because they do not have time to study on a campus. Distance learning programs are also ideal for people who want to control their school schedules. Even though students enrolled in distance learning programs can complete their studies at any time, classes must be completed during a semester. In other words, if a semester begins in August and ends in December, courses must be completed within this timeframe. Distance learning students must also take tests on specified dates. Individuals falling under the following criteria are perfect candidates for distance learning programs:

  • Individuals with numerous family or other responsibilities
  • Self-starters and motivated hard workers
  • Individuals able to work without supervision
  • People able to juggle multiple responsibilities
  • Individuals who can effectively evaluate their progress
  • People comfortable spending long hours working in front of a computer
  • Those who love learning and take initiative to find answers to questions
  • Individuals with at least 15 hours of spare time a week to devote to school work

The following factors must also be taken into consideration:

  • Do you understand how to operate and perform basic functions on a computer?
  • Can you upload new software when required?
  • Can you access e-mail and download necessary attachments?
  • Do you have Internet access readily available where you prefer to study?
  • Do you have time to visit campus to work in a computer lab if you do not have access to a computer at home?

If the answer to any of the previous questions is no, then it might be difficult for you to complete a distance learning program. If you lack basic computer skills and knowledge, courses are available to learn these skills and knowledge.

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