Online Technology Degrees

Information technology is one of the most stable and fastest growing industries based on job availability, salary expectation, and career advancement opportunity. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer and technology managers hold about 350,000 job nationwide, with about 25% of these professionals working in computer systems design and related services. Employment of computer and information technology professionals and managers is predicted to increase at a rate 16% over the next decade.

While earnings can vary greatly depending on specialty, location, and position, average pay for information technology professionals is relatively high when compared with earnings for professionals in all other occupations. The median annual salary for computer and information technology managers currently is just over $120,000.

The most common credential that employers are looking for in prospective job candidates is a bachelor's degree in computer science, information technology, or programming. For IT professionals seeking a development or managerial position, a master's degree in an IT related discipline is usually preferred over a bachelor's degree. Earning an MBA is also highly recommended for IT professionals. Advanced business training is something that many companies look for in information technology job applicants.

Online Technology Degrees

Online technology degree programs have many advantages over campus-based programs. Online degree programs in general provide students with a rich technological component not available in most campus-based programs. Additionally, the online distance learning environment helps to promote self-sufficiency and problem-solving skills that most employers value in their IT employees.

Most colleges, universities and vocational schools now offer a large selection of technology degrees and programs that can be completed via online distance learning. Online technology degrees are often more affordable than their campus-based counter parts, and they're most definitely more convenient. Online degrees offer maximum flexibility for working professionals and non-traditional students who require a degree that will fit their unique circumstances.

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