Online Arts & Design Degrees

A degree in liberal arts will provides students with a well-rounded education in art, literature, humanities, history, and culture throughout the world. If you're not sure what career path to pursue, consider earning an undergraduate degree in liberal arts and humanities. A liberal arts and humanities degree will qualify you for entry-level career positions and prepare you to earn a graduate degree down the road. A background in humanities can lead to contemporary jobs in entertainement, multimedia, education, design, art direction, and more.

Why study Liberal Arts?

Earning a bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts involves completing courses in general areas of study – mathematics, history, literature, philosophy, languages, economnics, and so on – instead of specialized fields of study. Unlike applied areas of study such as engineering, accounting and education, liberal arts is not intended to prepare students for a specific occupation. It does however help students develop an invaluable set of skills that can be applied in various career fields. Students who successfully complete a degree in liberal arts will learn how to communicate effectively develop analytical skills that can be applied in the work place, and set a course for lifelong learning.

Even so, why earn a liberal arts degree when you can pursue engineering, medicine, computer science, or business? There is no one best answer. Maybe a liberal arts degree will provide you the practical skills necessary for your career path. Or maybe you're planning on attending graduate school upon completion of your liberal arts degree. Or maybe you value the personal development and fulfillment that comes through studying the arts and philosophy. There are numerous answers. But if you want a broad degree in general education that will help you improve your interpersonal communication skills, ability to learn and analytical ability, then you can go wrong with a degree in liberal arts.

Online Learning

Online education has quickly become the learning format of choice for non-traditional students and working adults who find attending a campus-based college program inconvenient or unattainable. Online degree programs are now offered by a majority of colleges and universities, and those schools that do offer online degrees typically offer programs in liberal arts. The study of liberal arts lends itself well to online learning. All books, study materials, lectures and tests can easily be accessed from any computer terminal with internet access. Most online degrees offered by reputable institutions also provide ample educational resources, including virtual communication with other students and professors, to ensure participants have a fulfilling and educational online learning experience.

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