4 Hot Online Master's Degrees

Earning your online master's degree can be a valuable investment in your career. Many fields of employment require a master's degree or more in order to advance. You will also qualify for higher paying jobs.

If you're considering a Masters, studying online is a way to do it without interrupting your career. With some exceptions, online master's programs tend to have more flexibility than traditional programs. If you're an independent learner with a solid work ethic, an online master's degree might be the best route for you.

Below are 4 of the most popular online master's degrees in the United States. Part of their appeal is how they prepare students for advancement in vital and rapidly growing fields, such as business, education and information technology.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Business Administration degrees are a perennial favorite in online education. Depending on the program, students can broaden their experience with some general business courses or focus on a specialized area. This can include management, marketing, accounting, finance, distribution, human resources and more.

An online MBA is popular with people from a wide variety of fields. Some continue in the same discipline as their bachelor's degree, while others switch fields in order to expand their skill-set. If you want to do either without putting your career on hold, earning your MBA online might be the way to go.

Master of e-Commerce

The Master's in e-Commerce prepares students for the world of online business. This degree hasn't existed for very long, but it has exploded in popularity, as almost every business requires some kind of internet presence.

Students earning an online Master of e-Commerce degree will learn traditional principles of business and economics, as well ideas specific to the virtual business world, such as online marketing, global distribution, legal issues and internet security.

Master of Education (MEd)

Education is a field where you can only advance so far without a master's degree. Even to become an instructor at the community college level, you will need to have your Master's of Education.

For many teachers, earning their masters online is a way to transition to education administration. At almost every level of education, administrators need to have a master's degree to qualify for most higher-paying jobs.

Typically you will be able to complete your online Master of Education degree in two years or less, unless you are working at a slower pace.

Master of Information Technology

If you earned your bachelor's degree in computer science or mathematics, an online Master of Information Technology degree is a great way to expand your skill-set and qualify for a much higher salary.

Information technology is a competitive field, and to advance in your career you will likely want to specialize in something, or possess a valuable combination of skills. Many online Master of Information Technology programs include studies in software development, systems engineering, data management, mobile security and project management.

Most masters' students in information technology have some education in a related field. But you might have real-world job experience too. If so, you may be able to fulfill some major requirements through proficiency testing. You may also qualify for advanced online programs. Check with college admissions to find out what options are available.

Regardless of which online master's degree you decide to pursue, make sure you find a program that is challenging and fits with where you want to go in your career. If you do, you will likely find it to be a rewarding investment in your future.

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