Online Engineering Degrees

Engineering degrees are offered at the associate's, bachelor's, master's, and PhD levels. However, before you jump right into a program its important to determine what level of engineering education is require for the career you're going to pursue.

Associate of Science in Engineering

The associate's of science in engineering is a two-year college degree that qualified graduates to work as an engineering technician as well a few other entry-level industry positions. Earning an associate degree in engineering can also be used as a stepping stone into a four-year engineering programs. If you're planning on pursuing a bachelor's degree in engineering down the road, you'll need to earn your associate degree from a regionally accredited institution.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering

A bachelor's of science in engineering is the most popular, and most in demand, engineering degree – as it is required for almost all entry-level engineering positions. Similar to most bachelor degree programs, the Bachelor of Science in Engineering typically takes four years to complete. Courswork during the first half of the program is usually dedicated to liberal arts and sciences. The final two years of the program offer students specialized engineering coures, including applied career training.

Master of Science in Engineering

The master's degree in engineering is a two-year graduate degree that is typically earned by working engineers looking to update their skills and qualify for career advancement opportunities. While the master's degree in engineering can be pursued directly following graduation from a bachelor's degree programs, most student will join the work force for at least a few years before pursuing a master's degree in engineering.

Phd in Engineering

The PhD in engineering is the highest qualification an engineer can obtain. This degree is typically reserved for professionals who desire to teach at the university level or obtain a research position. Most private industry positions in engineering do not require a Phd but some employers in certain industries prefer candidates with a Phd.

Online Degrees in Engineering

Online degree programs offer aspiring engineers the ability to earn an advanced degree while working full-time. All four of the engineering degrees mentioned above are offered online. The master's of science in engineering is the most popular online degree program, since this program attracts students who are working as full-time engineers who've already earned a bachelor's degree.

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