Online Arts & Design Degrees

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and Master of Fine Arts (MFA) are two of the most popular art and design degree pursued by students seeking career opporunities after graduation. Most beginning artists, illustrators, and design professionals typically earn the 4-year Bachelor of Fine Arts in order to qualify for entry-level career positions. Professionals desiring to take their career to the next level and emphasize their commitment to academic preparation and excellence will go on to earn the Masters of Fine Arts degree.

While natural talent may get you in the door, career training, through a formal and accredited degree program, is the surest way to advance a career in art and design. A few of the most popular career options for professionals with a bachelor's or master's degree in art or design include:

  • Art directors
  • Craft artists
  • Fine artists
  • Multimedia artists
  • Printmakers
  • Painting restorers
  • Illustrators
  • Design Directors
  • Video game designers

Most undergraduate design degrees are liberal arts-based programs that offer specialized coursework in a particular field of art or design. At the undergraduate level curriculum typically includes, basic math, history, and natural sciences. As student progress through their program they'll start taking courses more in line with their major, including courses in programming, design, illustration, art, etc. Graduate degrees offer a much more specialized, and career oriented, curriculum than undergraduate degrees. Coursework in these programs focuses almost entirely in a specific art or design field.

More and more aspiring students and working professionals pursue an art or degree degree via online training. Art and design schools and colleges across the United States now offer online learning and degree options for non-traditional and working students who are unable to attend a traditional campus based program. Online art and design degree programs allow students to earn the degree entirely online, or through a combination of online and campus-based study.

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