Consider A Community College

People of all ages can benefit from attending community college. It's not only for older students or recent high school graduates. Because post-high school education is usually required to obtain a high paying job, it can be worth your time and money to enroll at a community college.

As the international economy becomes more globalized, according to the American Association of Community Colleges, there will be even more demand for educated workers within the United States. This is especially true for people seeking recently created and future jobs.

Solid Education, Affordable Price

The rise of community colleges has made college more accessible and affordable for many Americans. Even though community colleges are relatively inexpensive and have open enrollment policies, they still provide students will high quality job training and education. Many older adults with families are able to attend college because of the low tuition costs charged by community college.

In fact, community colleges in Massachusetts will not deny admission to students unable to pay their tuition.

Students enrolled at community colleges can expect to pay just over $2,000 dollars a year in tuition and fees. This is in sharp contrast to the more than $6,000 dollars students enrolled at traditional 4-year institutions pay annually in tuition and fees.

Diverse Student Population

Most companies around the United States strive to have a diverse staff of employees. According to many workers and managers, diverse work environments are conducive for productive and happy worksites. Since community colleges have diverse student bodies, students will have an opportunity to interact with people from different countries, cultures, and religious backgrounds.

In addition to people from various racial, religious, and ethnic backgrounds, many other groups of people considered minorities attend community colleges. Nearly 6 of every 10 students enrolled at community college are women. There is also a large percentage of older and foreign students attending community colleges.

Credit Transfer to a 4-Year Made Easy

Community college is a great option for students interested in completing their general education requirements and then transferring to a traditional 4-year institution. Many community colleges have credit transfer agreements with local 4-year state colleges and universities. Some community colleges have similar agreements with private institutions.

Because of these agreements, students on a budget can benefit from attending community college. They can complete general education requirements at the less expensive community colleges and then complete their major program at a traditional college or university.

Enhance Your Skills for the Workforce

Because of the intense competition and scarcity of jobs in the job market, workers need to do everything in their power to improve their job skills and acquire applicable work experience. Working professionals seeking a promotion, increase in wages, or a career transition can take their first steps toward their goals by enrolling in a community college.

Most community colleges offer continuing education and vocational training programs. These programs are designed with working professionals and people seeking to develop applicable job skills in mind.

Community colleges located in Massachusetts offer more than 5,000 job development classes. These courses are designed to improve the skills of workers currently in the Massachusetts workforce. People taking advantage of these courses can sharpen their skills, which is a great way to improve job security.

Individuals not interested in earning college credit but desiring to learn more about a subject that interests them can sign up for community education courses. These classes are offered at most community colleges. There are numerous courses covering various topics, including computer, foreign language, and cooking classes.

Unlike traditional colleges and universities, community colleges, in most cases, have very low professor to student ratios. Many non-traditional students are drawn to this feature since it provides them with the opportunity to interact with professors. This, in conjunction with other positive factors, is why nearly 50 percent of college students in the United States attend community colleges.

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