Community Colleges Can Take You Far

Community colleges can be found in most regions of the United States, with more than 1,200 nationwide. Many community college students have learned valuable job skills and earned credit later applied to bachelor's programs. Community colleges are affordable and people from all educational backgrounds can attend them. The following are some of the reasons people opt to attend community colleges:

Transfer to Four-Year Colleges and Universities
Students frequently complete college credits at community colleges to transfer to bachelor's programs at universities or colleges. Studies have shown that students who study at community colleges and later transfer to four-year institutions perform at the same level academically as students entering four-year educational institutions directly from high school. Four-year institutions and community colleges often collaborate together to better assist students transferring from community colleges to traditional colleges and universities.

Cutting-Edge Technology
Community colleges heavily utilize technology in classroom instruction. Community college students can usually easily access computer labs and other learning technology. These institutions also offer training programs for students interested in working in computer technology, robotics, telecommunications, graphic design, and numerous other high-tech industries. This is very advantageous since most jobs of the future will be in high-tech industries.

Lower Cost
Community colleges are very affordable, making college education accessible for people from all economic backgrounds. Community colleges also offer financial aid assistance for qualifying students. Community colleges are student friendly institutions since professors do not conduct research. They only have teaching responsibilities, and many have real-world experience in their areas of expertise.

Small Classes
Small class sizes are another feature making community colleges student friendly. This is very advantageous for students desiring to work closely with professors. It's not unusual for students at larger colleges and universities to enroll in classes with hundreds of other students.

Variety of Courses and Majors
Numerous majors and programs are available for students to study at community colleges. Students can obtain vocational training or complete general education requirements before transferring to a four-year institution. Many people who've started college but not finished enroll in community colleges.

Community colleges are a great place for people interested in high-tech careers to attend. The courses offered are very rigorous to properly prepare students for high-tech jobs.

Flexible Schedules
Community college courses are often offered at convenient times to accommodate working adults. Most community colleges are located off main highways and can be easily reached by subway, busses, and light-rail lines. Community colleges frequently offer online and other distance learning programs.

Commitment to Diversity
Part of the allure of the college experience is having the opportunity to interact with different people, enjoy unique cultural experiences, and learn about interesting and unfamiliar concepts. Those enrolled at community colleges will meet many different types of people and have the opportunity to participate in groups and clubs sponsored by various student organizations. Students can participate in intramural sports, student government, the college newspaper, and various other activities.

Support Services
Community colleges provide various student support services to ensure students succeed. Students have access to career planning, tutoring, and counseling services. These educational institutions also offer remedial courses for students that need to improve writing, math, and other skills necessary to succeed in college.

Community Service
Community colleges are dedicated to improving the communities where they are located. They frequently sponsor community education classes and cultural events and permit community groups to hold meetings on campus. Community colleges also frequently permit business groups to hold leadership seminars on campus. Merit badge classes for scouts are also frequently held on the campuses of community colleges.

Student Success
Numerous business, military, and political leaders have studied at community colleges. The education offered at community colleges prepares people for the competitive workforce or future schooling.

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