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American Samoa is an island territory of the United States that is located just southeast of Samoa and west of the Cook Islands in the South Pacific Ocean. American Somoa is made up of 5 islands and two large coral atolls (reefs). The main island, which has the largest population, is Tutuila. The total population of American Somoa is roughly 56,000.

American Samoa is known for having the highest rate of enlistment in the military of any state or territory in the United States. In 2014, the U.S. military recruiting station in Pago Pago was the number one producing station in the United States for new Army recruits. The majority of American Samoans speak their native language of Samoan as well as English.

Even though American Somoa is a U.S. territory, it has its own constitution. However, all civil, judicial, and military power is vested in the U.S. President. The Governor of American Samoa is the territory's highest head of government and is re-elected by the people of American Samoa every four years. Even though the U.S. President is officially America Samoa's Head of State, he does not have an active role in governing the territory.

American Samoa has a year round tropical climate. There isn't a winter or fall, just a wet and dry season. The average temperature in American Samoa ranges between 82 and 83 degrees Fahreheit all year long.

American Samoa values the education of its people. The island territory has over 30 primary and secondary schools. Several of these schools are owned and operated privately by non-profit organizations or religious denominations. The only higher education institution in American Samoa is the American Samoa Community College which was established in 1970.

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