Alaska Colleges and Universities

Alaska is not only home to some of the most breathtaking scenery and landscapes the world has to offer, it's also home to several of the most reputable colleges, universities and higher education institutions in the nation. Most people who live in Alaska reside in and around the port town of Anchorage. This is also where the state's two top colleges – the University of Alaska, Anchorage and Alaska Pacific University – are located. In addition to its main campus in Anchorage, the University of Alaska has two smaller campuses, one in the state capital of Jeneau, and the other in one of Alaska's larger cities, Fairbanks. In addition to traditional 4-year colleges and universities, Alaska also has several private colleges, community colleges and technical schools.

The colleges in Alaska provide an array of academic and career-oriented degree, certificate and training programs for students, working adults and apsiring career professionals. For those seeking an undergraduate or graduate degree there are several top universities to choose from, including Alaska Pacific University which was ranked amont the Top Master's Level universities by U.S. News & World Report. If a four-year degree isn't want you're looking for, Alaska community colleges and technical schools offer a large variety of 2-year associate degrees and 1-year certificates designed to help students develop the skills need to launch a successful career. Alaska Vocational Technical Center, in Seward, and Ilisagvik College are two top choices among students seeking to advance their career opportunities as quickly as possible. Alaska is also home ot the Alaska Bible College, an institution soley dedicated to preparing its students for a life of christian ministry.

A growing number of Alaskan residents, who are unable to attend a campus-based program, are opting to earn a degree or techncial certificate online from the comfort of their home, office or igloo. Online degrees are offered by several national education corporations as well as colleges based in Alaska. Online degrees are flexible, convenient and acessible 24/7. However, one of the benefits of attending one of Alaska's campus-based degree or certificates programs is networking opportunities provided. Many of the higher education institutions in Alaska are well connected with local employers, making the the job hunt much easier following graduation for in-state job seekers. Most career opportunities in Alaska will be found in the major metropolitan regions of Anchorage and Fairbanks.

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